16 3月 2020

Humic acid for root growth.

Why root growth is important for plants?

The root is the most important organ of the plant. The most core part of the root is the root tip. Which can sense the external environment and send signals to guide the plant’s nutrient absorption and hormone synthesis. Of the five endogenous hormones in plants, only auxin is mainly produced by the new leaves and tissues in the upper part of the crop, and the other four plant growth regulators are produced by the root tip. In this area, oxygen consumption is the largest in the entire plant, and there is an action potential signal similar to human brain when it exchanges information. Therefore, people call the root tip the “plant’s brain”. Deep roots can make the crop leafy, and the quality of the root system determines the final yield and quality. However, after each new root go by a 14-day growth cycle, its function will gradually decline until death. How to stimulate new roots to continue to produce and maintain root health is very important.Read More

19 2月 2020

Benefits of humic acid water-soluble fertilizers on Crops.

The application of humic acid water soluble fertilizer can enhance the water retention ability of soil. Reduce soil capacity and improve soil porosity. The application of humic acid water-soluble fertilizer can increase the contents of degraded nitrogen, available Phosphorus nd organic matter in the soil. And the application of humic acid water-soluble fertilizer can improve the availability of soil nitrogen during plant growth. The content of available phosphorus in soil is higher than that of the reference. And the high content of available potassium can still be maintained at the later stage of plant growth. It can be seen that the humic acid water-soluble fertilizer has a significant effect on soil, fertilizer and crops.Read More

13 2月 2020

Fulvic acid benefits in agriculture.

Fulvic acid benefits are very obvious in agriculture, which has been transformed for many years, is a kind of fertilizer with high quality, concentrated shrinkage, good water solubility, no hormone, no toxicity, high efficiency and high activity, which is a kind of organic green product with convenient use.Read More

12 2月 2020

Potassium humate uses in agriculture.

Potassium humate uses in agriculture.Potassium humate has important uses in agriculture. Fulvic acid, black humic acid and brown humic acid are collectively called humic acid. In which fulvic acid has the unique effects of small molecular weight. High active gene. Improving soil . Promoting soil temperature.  Enhancing root development. Effectively regulating soil acidity and alkalinity, solving soil consolidation and so on. In the case of dry climate, reduce the stomatal opening of crops. Commonly known as drought resistance No.1.Potassium fulvate, used in combination with other inorganic fertilizers (such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, etc.). Can fix nitrogen, hydrolyze phosphorus. Release potassium slowly. Promote the transformation of active components. Be absorbed and utilized by crops as soon as possible. And increase the utilization rate of all kinds of active components upto 80%. And the potassium humate has many uses in agriculture.Read More

10 2月 2020

The application of fulvic acid

1、 Application scope and method

As a plant growth promoter and drought resistant agent, this product was diluted 2000 times. Concentration of 0.005 -0.05% and the dilute solution of 50kg per mu can enhance the drought resistance, cold resistance, disease and pest resistance of crops. Improve crop quality. Increase seedling rate and increase yield.  And can increase the yield of general crops by 10 -25%.Read More

10 2月 2020

Method of using humic acid organic fertilizer in fruit trees.

Fruit tree application base fertilizer(humic acid fertilizer):

Generally after the fruit tree leaves fallen in winter, choose the organic matter content is more than 80%. The humic acid content is more than 40% humic acid organic fertilizer. 250-300KGS per MU. Or the organic matter content is 30 %. The humic acid content is more than 20%. The nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content is about 20%. The organic-inorganic compound fertilizer with high humic acid content , 300-400 kg / mu.Read More

03 2月 2020

Application of humic acid as a pesticide and a pesticide synergist.

Application of Humic Acid as Pesticide

The humic acid substances have good antibacterial, disease-preventing and disease-resistant effects. Can influence the metabolism of crops. Promote photosynthesis and the synthesis, transportation and accumulation of substances. And enhance the ability of crops to resist diseases and insect pests. Sometimes “Prevention is more important than treatment”. The characteristic of humic acid, in some cases, can be used directly as a pesticide. But the concept of the pesticide is not the traditional concept of the pesticide. And the humic acid pesticide should be vividly compared as “VACCINE” of the crops.Read More