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20 11月 2019

Why is some amino acid price cheap?How to make real amino acid fertilizer?

The current amino acid price situation in China.

The first sense of the amino acid price for most of the farmers is cheap. Indeed, it often associated with the hormone. For various reasons, the most  amino acid liquid fertilizer is produced by some amino acid leftovers.The content of the amino acid is low.  The use concentration is not enough.

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20 11月 2019

What’s the difference between plant source and animal source amino acid fertilizer?

There is no good or bad amino acid fertilizer

It’s very simple to explain, the main difference between plant source and animal source amino acid fertilizer is their source. The protein is divided into plant protein and animal protein, and the protein is decomposed to form the amino acid, which is the plant source amino acid and the animal source amino acid.Read More

20 11月 2019

How to apply amino acid fertilizer?

Application skills of amino acid Fertilizer
How to apply amino acid fertilizers?

1. There is no good or bad difference between animal source amino acid and plant source amino acid.

Amino acid Fertilizer can play a better role only for its characteristics. It is particularly worth noting that different amino acids have different physiological functions for crops, but the amino acids are synergistic and interdependent. And the lack of one amino acids will cause other amino acid metabolic process to be blocked.

Therefore, when selecting amino acid fertilizer, the product with complete components shall be selected as much as possible. Which means that the product preferably contains 18 amino acid species.Read More