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24 6月 2021

The effects and functions of bio fulvic acid for plants.

The author of the previous article “What is the difference between potassium fulvic humate and bio fulvic acid?” popularized the difference between bio fulvic acid and potassium fulvic humate. Today, this article will explain the effect and function of bio fulvic acid for plants. Before that, I have to tell you, Bio potassium fulvate and bio fulvic acid refer to the same product.

The effect and function of bio fulvic acid are two aspects. The first is the effect of bio fulvic acid for the plant itself, and the second is the effect for the external environment of the plant.Read More

28 5月 2021

How to choose between potassium fulvic humate and bio potassium fulvate?

Potassium fulvic humate (other name: potassium fulvic acid, potassium fulvate) and bio potassium fulvate (other name: bio fulvic acid) have similar names, but the composition, appearance, effect, etc are quite different. So how do you choose the product that suits you from these two products according to your own situation? Read More

20 5月 2021

What is the difference between potassium fulvic humate and bio fulvic acid?

Friends who often buy humic acid agricultural products should know that there are two kinds of potassium fulvic humate currently on the market: one is bio fulvic acid, and the other is potassium fulvic humate. But when it comes to the difference between bio fulvic acid and potassium fulvic humate? You may not be clear except for the obvious color and odor difference. Today, JINGFENG HUMIC ACID will give you a deep interpretation of the difference between the two.Read More

26 12月 2019

The difference between the bio fulvic acid and the mineral source fulvic acid- Technical support from fulvic acid suppliers

How to identify the bio fulvic acid from fertilizer suppliers?

There are many fulvic acid suppliers in the market now. It is often asked by customer why the price of fulvic acid (potassium fulvic acid) or potassium fulvate in the market is so different. The cheap one is few thousands RMB. The expensive ones may be more than 10,000RMB.

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13 12月 2019

Application and effect of bio potassium fulvate fertilizer.

Definition of Bio potassium fulvate

The bio potassium fulvate (bio fulvic acid) is a kind of fertilizer, which can resist the acid and alkali,  resist the oxidation, strongly chelate with divalent cation. So that the organic compound trace element can be formed with the metal ions such as Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, Ca etc. The absorption and utilization of the mineral by the plant can be promoted. If there is high content of fulvic acid inside, we also call it potassium fulvic acid.Read More

16 11月 2019

How do sodium humate and bio fulvic acid effect dairy cows?

sodium humate used on dairy cow feedingEffect of sodium humate on dairy cows

Adding a certain amount of sodium humate to the feed of dairy cows, has obvious effect on preventing dairy inflammation and increasing milk yield.
      1. The reason may be that, the addition of sodium humate additive feed during lactation will lead to the decrease of somatic cells in milk for a short time. And then the immune function will be activated quickly. Which is manifested in the increase of lymphocytes collected in blood,  and the migration of group cells to a large number of cells. So the number of somatic cells in milk will increase.  Thus improving the cellular immune ability of the body.
      2. Due to the sharp increase of whey protein content, the contents of immunoglobulin and serum protein transferred from blood into milk increased. Thus improving the humoral immune function of the body. It provides a theoretical basis for the effective prevention and treatment of stevitis in dairy cows with sodium humate feed additive.

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