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06 1月 2020

Effects of humic acid biostimulant on crop growth.

The effects of humic acid biostimulant is obvious. A certain concentration of fulvic acid or humic acid potassium, sodium, ammonium salt solution. Through seed soaking, root dipping, spraying and root application in different growth stages of crops. Can produce corresponding stimulation. Promote crop growth and development, early maturity. Increase yield and improve quality.Read More

20 11月 2019

What’s biostimulant? How many kinds of biostimulants now?

Classification and function of biostimulant

In recent years, there is a fashionable new name in the global agricultural market, biostimulants. Maybe some people know it, some people have only heard the name. Actually, it’s not far from us. For more than a decade, friends of the farming circle must have heard of these products: soil improvers, growth regulators, bioactive substances, plant growth agents, plant protection, and the like.  In fact, these products represent some of the functions or characteristics of the biostimulants in varying degrees . So, what’s the biostimulants? Is it a fertilizer? Or a pesticide?

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