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18 6月 2021

Cases of the benefits of fulvic acid supplements for cancer

The clinical efficacy of fulvic acid supplements proved that fulvic acid supplements has anti-inflammatory, swelling, pain-relieving and anti-ulcer effects on the human body. Today author will share a set of cases of the benefits of fulvic acid supplements for cancer in the following content.Read More

15 6月 2021

Application of fulvic mineral complex in human oral cavity (part 1)

Fulvic acid is a kind of natural organic minerals containing multiple active groups, which is widely present in soil, peat and leonardite. 

In the 1950s, it began to be used in medical treatment abroad, mainly for external use, and called it fulvic minerals complex or fulvic trace minerals. It is believed that fulvic mineral complex has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. After more than 30 years of basic research and clinical practice, it is now applied to the treatment of many diseases in internal, external, and gynecology, and has achieved certain curative effects. The author will systematically explain the clinical application of fulvic mineral complex in the human oral cavity and the use of fulvic mineral complex in this article.Read More

25 5月 2021

Practical Application Cases of fulvic acid potassium (Part 1)

As a new type of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, fulvic acid potassium is suitable for all kinds of crops. Under the same conditions of crop growth, they all show obvious contrast characteristics, and all have good yield-increasing effects.Read More

02 4月 2021

Study On The Effect Of Potassium Fulvic Acid Fertilizer On Increasing The Fruit Setting Rate Of Apples And Pears

Spraying potassium fulvic acid (Other name: potassium fulvate, potassium humate) fertilizer 3000-5000 times during the full-bloom period, all improved the fruit setting rate of YUANSHUAI, LUAO,JINGUAN apples and pears to varying degrees. The effect diminishes as the concentration decreases.Read More

15 1月 2021

How to apply organic humic acid to make it fully effective?

Most customers have asked me how to use organic humic acid(We can just call it humic acid, because any source of humic acid is organic). Today we will explain the application method of humic acid from three aspects to let your humic acid maximize its effect.Read More

22 10月 2020

Humic fulvic acid fertilizer beneficiate NPK and trace elements.

Humic fulvic acid fertilizer contains both fulvic acid and humic acid.Total water soluble in water, is generally used for drip, spray or foliar irrigation.

Fulvic acid is the smallest and most active component of humic acid. And it is the essence of the effective ingredients of humic acid. In the practical application of agricultural production, humic fulvic acid fertilizer is the best core component of soil humus, moreover it has the best stability. It has a small molecular weight, fully water-soluble organic aromatic substance generated by the decomposition of organic matter. It is the best humic acid component in the soil , as well as the core substance that forms the soil aggregate structure.Read More

27 12月 2019

The high activity and deflocculation of fulvic acid agriculture products

The activity of fulvic acid used in agriculture products

The high activity and deflocculation of fulvic acid agriculture productsThe functional groups of fulvic acid, such as carboxy and phenolic hydroxyl groups are the main factors to make humic acid have unique chemical and biological activity. They are also the core component that determines the basic characteristics of humic acid.

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27 12月 2019

Humic acid uses in agriculture.(On pesticides and on soil)

Humic acid has a wide range of uses in agriculture. Humic acid is a good biological activity. The organic carrier, which is composed of a plurality of functional groups, is also an intermediate substance with the function of plant respiration and photosynthesis. So that it has a large capacity and can be combined with a plurality of substances.

The humic acid uses in agriculture has the following two aspects:

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24 12月 2019

Fulvic acid foliar fertilizer.

Advantage of Fulvic acid

Fulvic acid is the essence of humic acid.  Which has high quality, concentrated shrinkage and good solubility. It is the most active, drought-resistant and stress-resistant substance in humic acid. It can inhibit the dormancy of plants. Make plants recycle and absorb all kinds of nutrients.  Enhance the physiological function of plants.  Achieve the purpose of rapid growth, optimize quality. Increase production and increase income. Non-toxic, pollution-free, harm-free, especially suitable for the development of green agriculture. So that the production of grain, vegetables, fruits and so on in line with the requirements of green food, conducive to the protection of the ecological environment and human health.Read More