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25 5月 2021

Practical Application Cases of fulvic acid potassium (Part 1)

As a new type of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, fulvic acid potassium is suitable for all kinds of crops. Under the same conditions of crop growth, they all show obvious contrast characteristics, and all have good yield-increasing effects.Read More

27 12月 2019

Humic acid uses in agriculture.(On pesticides and on soil)

Humic acid has a wide range of uses in agriculture. Humic acid is a good biological activity. The organic carrier, which is composed of a plurality of functional groups, is also an intermediate substance with the function of plant respiration and photosynthesis. So that it has a large capacity and can be combined with a plurality of substances.

The humic acid uses in agriculture has the following two aspects:

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16 11月 2019

How to identify if there is fulvic acid in humic acid product?

Simple and rapid way to identify fulvic acid in humic acid products.

1.Question about fulvic acid 

At present, there are many potassium fulvate or potassium humate on the market. A lot of customers ask, how do you know if their products actually contain fulvic acid without good testing conditions? In fact, as long as we know the properties of fulvic acid, we can simply identify whether the product contains fulvic acid, which is called qualitative in chemistry. Of course, quantitative words also need to pass strict testing to know.Read More