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25 5月 2021

Practical Application Cases of fulvic acid potassium (Part 1)

As a new type of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, fulvic acid potassium is suitable for all kinds of crops. Under the same conditions of crop growth, they all show obvious contrast characteristics, and all have good yield-increasing effects.Read More

18 12月 2019

Fulvic Acid Powder – High Efficiency Agricultural Water Retention Agent

Product Recommended: Mineral Fulvic Acid Powder

From heading to filling stage of wheat, each 665 ㎡ of wheat consumes an average of about 5, 000 KGS of water. 150, 000 KGS of water in 30 days. And 15 billion tons of water. Many people think that the water in the wheat field is mainly sunlit from the ground. In fact, more than 90% of the water is transpiration through the leaves.Read More