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17 6月 2021

Systematic explanation of the benefits of humic acid fertilizers for plants

As a key demonstration and promotion project of the agricultural science and technology in China, the humic acid fertilizer benefits the plant in many aspects, and the effect is obvious. Specifically speaking, what is the role of humic acid in plants? The author will discuss the benefits of humic acid fertilizer for plants in the following aspects:Read More

08 6月 2021

Physiological benefits of humic acid for plants

Humic acid is a kind of natural organic acid macromolecule with biological activity, its biological activity is reflected in the physiological benefits of humic acid for plants, the author will explain the benefits of physiological humic acid for plants as below.Read More

25 5月 2021

Practical Application Cases of fulvic acid potassium (Part 1)

As a new type of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer, fulvic acid potassium is suitable for all kinds of crops. Under the same conditions of crop growth, they all show obvious contrast characteristics, and all have good yield-increasing effects.Read More

17 5月 2021

How to use humic acid for plants and quality standard of humic acid.

The previous article “The concept and mechanism of humic acid” popularized the concept of humic acid and its mechanism of action for everyone. Today, this article will continue to explain how to use humic acid for plants and quality standards of humic acid products.Read More

20 11月 2019

Functions and development of humic acid and fulvic acid in China.

Humic Acid and fulvic acid

humic acid functional groups

Humic Acid and fulvic acid development in China

The functional groups (mainly carboxyl groups and phenolic hydroxyl groups) in humic acid can give active hydrogen ions. So humic acid shows weak acidity and chemical reactivity.  With strong ion exchange ability and complex (chelation) cooperation.

The quinone group, carboxyl group and phenolic hydroxyl group of humic acid make it bioactive. The “five functions” of humic acid in agriculture (soil improvement, fertilizer enhancement, growth stimulation, stress resistance and quality improvement) have been guiding the application and progress of humic acid in agriculture.Read More