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21 6月 2021

The effect test of potassium humic acid on grape

Potassium humic acid( other name: potassium humate, potassium fulvate potassium fulvic humate) is a multi-functional plant growth and drought-resistant nutrient, with the effect of water saving and drought resistance, flowers and fruit protection. On the effect of JINGFENG HUMIC ACID on grapes, it discusses the influence of potassium humic acid on the quality and production of grapes, and provides the basis for the large use of potassium humic acid on grapes.Read More

17 6月 2021

Systematic explanation of the benefits of humic acid fertilizers for plants

As a key demonstration and promotion project of the agricultural science and technology in China, the humic acid fertilizer benefits the plant in many aspects, and the effect is obvious. Specifically speaking, what is the role of humic acid in plants? The author will discuss the benefits of humic acid fertilizer for plants in the following aspects:Read More

08 6月 2021

Physiological benefits of humic acid for plants

Humic acid is a kind of natural organic acid macromolecule with biological activity, its biological activity is reflected in the physiological benefits of humic acid for plants, the author will explain the benefits of physiological humic acid for plants as below.Read More

21 5月 2021

How to judge the quality of humic acid products?

In recent years, mineral humic acid products have received attention and widespread application in agriculture, animal husbandry, industry and other fields due to their unique and obvious advantages, and they have also greatly promoted the development of these industries. In the previous article“Humic acid what is it and the formation process of humic acid.”, the author explained what mineral humic acid is and its formation process. Today the author will solve a more common problem for you——How to judge the quality of humic acid products?Read More

30 12月 2019

Development prospect of China humic acid organic fertilizer

The application of humic acid substance in agricultural production is the initial of the comprehensive utilization of humic acid in China. In order to alleviate the difficulty of the shortage of the total amount of fertilizer at that time. The mass movement of the development of humic acid organic fertilizer was carried out in the late 1970s and early 1980s.Read More

27 12月 2019

Humic acid uses in agriculture.(On pesticides and on soil)

Humic acid has a wide range of uses in agriculture. Humic acid is a good biological activity. The organic carrier, which is composed of a plurality of functional groups, is also an intermediate substance with the function of plant respiration and photosynthesis. So that it has a large capacity and can be combined with a plurality of substances.

The humic acid uses in agriculture has the following two aspects:

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20 11月 2019

Five main benefits of humic acid for agriculture use.

1. Humic acid for agriculture on plants growth and development

Humic acid for agriculture use,contains a variety of functional groups. Generally we use strong alkalies to activate humic acid to become effective biological active substances. The activated humic acid have benefit to stimulate the growth and physiological metabolism of crops.  This feature is generally what other fertilizer does not have. As efficient biological active substances, using activated humic acid with certain concentration to seed soaking, root soaking, root dipping, spraying, watering,or used as base fertilizer, etc. Which has obvious effect of stimulation on variety of crops. Comprehensively, it promotes the development of root system and has a good influence on crop yield and quality factors.Read More

19 11月 2019

Scientific use of humic acid fertilizer.

Humic acid itself is a good soil conditioner and plays an important role in the field of saline-alkali land reconstruction and desertification control. Humic acid fertilizer is especially suitable for the lack of organic matter in the soil caused by long-term excessive application of chemical fertilizer. After fertilization, the effect of humic acid fertilizer has a great relationship with temperature. Apply fertilizer, it release slow at cold weather and fast at warm weather. Generally above 18℃.  Humic acid fertilizer slowly release nutrients.Read More

16 11月 2019

Application method and benefits of humic acid fertilizers for plants.

Application method and benefits of humic acid for plants. ammonium humic acid, nitro humic acid, sodium humate, potassium humate flakes, fulvic acid fertilizerHumic acid fertilizers refers to be extracted from peat, lignite, leonardite by different production methods . Humic acid fertilizers varieties have ammonium humic acid, nitro humic acid, sodium humate, potassium humate flakes, fulvic acid fertilizer, and humic acid mixed with nitrogen, phosphorus or other elements of fertilizer products.The application method and benefits of humic acid for plants are as following.

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