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08 6月 2021

Physiological benefits of humic acid for plants

Humic acid is a kind of natural organic acid macromolecule with biological activity, its biological activity is reflected in the physiological benefits of humic acid for plants, the author will explain the benefits of physiological humic acid for plants as below.Read More

16 3月 2020

Humic acid for root growth.

Why root growth is important for plants?

The root is the most important organ of the plant. The most core part of the root is the root tip. Which can sense the external environment and send signals to guide the plant’s nutrient absorption and hormone synthesis. Of the five endogenous hormones in plants, only auxin is mainly produced by the new leaves and tissues in the upper part of the crop, and the other four plant growth regulators are produced by the root tip. In this area, oxygen consumption is the largest in the entire plant, and there is an action potential signal similar to human brain when it exchanges information. Therefore, people call the root tip the “plant’s brain”. Deep roots can make the crop leafy, and the quality of the root system determines the final yield and quality. However, after each new root go by a 14-day growth cycle, its function will gradually decline until death. How to stimulate new roots to continue to produce and maintain root health is very important.Read More