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24 6月 2021

The effects and functions of bio fulvic acid for plants.

The author of the previous article “What is the difference between potassium fulvic humate and bio fulvic acid?” popularized the difference between bio fulvic acid and potassium fulvic humate. Today, this article will explain the effect and function of bio fulvic acid for plants. Before that, I have to tell you, Bio potassium fulvate and bio fulvic acid refer to the same product.

The effect and function of bio fulvic acid are two aspects. The first is the effect of bio fulvic acid for the plant itself, and the second is the effect for the external environment of the plant.Read More

03 1月 2020

The best humic acid fertilizer suppliers – the best organic fertilizer

As one of the Chinese best humic acid fertilizer suppliers, we have been developed for more than 15 years in agriculture. We will show you what we saw in China, and share our field trial.

  • In recent years, people have recognized the disadvantages of the inorganic agriculture.The new idea of agricultural development is widely concerned by the world. For example, the United States proposed organic agriculture. European proposed long-term advanced Biological agriculture. Asia proposed three-dimensional agriculture, ecological agriculture, and so on.Read More