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21 6月 2021

The effect test of potassium humic acid on grape

Potassium humic acid( other name: potassium humate, potassium fulvate potassium fulvic humate) is a multi-functional plant growth and drought-resistant nutrient, with the effect of water saving and drought resistance, flowers and fruit protection. On the effect of JINGFENG HUMIC ACID on grapes, it discusses the influence of potassium humic acid on the quality and production of grapes, and provides the basis for the large use of potassium humic acid on grapes.Read More

02 6月 2021

The characteristics, advantages and functions of fulvic acid compound fertilizer.

Fulvic acid compound fertilizer is a new achievement of the world’s fertilizer industry research. It has been at the forefront of the development of the fertilizer industry. It is the main direction for achieving high-yield, high-quality and efficient agricultural services. In this article, the author will briefly introduce the characteristics of fulvic acid compound fertilizer, the advantages of fulvic acid compound fertilizer, and the function of fulvic acid compound fertilizer.Read More

28 5月 2021

How to choose between potassium fulvic humate and bio potassium fulvate?

Potassium fulvic humate (other name: potassium fulvic acid, potassium fulvate) and bio potassium fulvate (other name: bio fulvic acid) have similar names, but the composition, appearance, effect, etc are quite different. So how do you choose the product that suits you from these two products according to your own situation? Read More

20 5月 2021

What is the difference between potassium fulvic humate and bio fulvic acid?

Friends who often buy humic acid agricultural products should know that there are two kinds of potassium fulvic humate currently on the market: one is bio fulvic acid, and the other is potassium fulvic humate. But when it comes to the difference between bio fulvic acid and potassium fulvic humate? You may not be clear except for the obvious color and odor difference. Today, JINGFENG HUMIC ACID will give you a deep interpretation of the difference between the two.Read More

26 12月 2019

The difference between mineral source potassium fulvate and potassium humate – The technical support from potassium humate suppliers

As potassium fulvate and potassium humate suppliers, we found lots of customers don’t know what their difference are.Here we made an explanation.

For mineral source potassium fulvate, in the agriculture market, people also call it potassium humate with fulvic acid or potassium fulvic humate. As it contains mineral source fulvic acid.

For potassium humate, as it’s humic acid potassium salt, so we can also call it potassium humic acid.

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