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11 6月 2021

Effect test of sodium humate feed additive in poultry (chicken feed)

Research data shows that sodium humate in poultry is an active substance that has no toxic side effects on animals, resists diseases, and adjusts the immune function of the body. It has the function of improving the physiological function of animals and promoting the growth and development of organ cells. In order to take advantage of the characteristics of sodium humate feed additives and develop poultry breeding, JINGFENG HUMIC ACID researchers selected the sodium humate feed additives developed by the company to conduct chicken feed additives experiments. The effect experiments of sodium humate feed additives on chicken feed by JINGFENG HUMIC ACID researchers are introduced as follows.Read More

09 6月 2021

Application effect of sodium humate feed additive on livestock and poultry (part1)

Recently, the author summarized and wrote a lot of relevant articles on sodium humate feed additive, covering the various functions of sodium humate feed additives, but these contents are mostly unilateral emphasis on its benefits, not persuasive enough. Relatively speaking, vivid and credible cases and accurate data are more convincing, so the author has summarized the practical cases of the application effect of sodium humate feed additives in livestock and poultry from the literature and research materials in recent years for your reference.Read More

04 6月 2021

The role of sodium humate in aquaculture (part 2)

If you are engaged in the aquaculture industry, choosing to use sodium humate this product will be a good choice for you. Its price is affordable, and it has an obvious beneficial effect to improve the quality of aquatic products and the aquatic environment. Yesterday’s article ” The role of sodium humate in aquaculture (part 1) “ has introduced part of effect of sodium humate in aquaculture. Now we will introduce the rest part through this article.Read More

03 6月 2021

The role of sodium humate in aquaculture (part 1)

Sodium humate(other name: sodium humic acid, humic acid sodium salt) is a multifunctional polymer organic compound made from danty, peat, and lignite through a special process. It has obvious application effects on animal husbandry, aquaculture, ceramics and other fields. The author of this article will focus on the role of sodium humate in aquaculture. First, through two aspects, I will explain the role of sodium humate in aquaculture.Read More

27 12月 2019

Application of soluble humic acid powder in industry.

The application of soluble humic acid powder in industry has the following three aspects:

1.Application of soluble humic acid powder in battery.

Used in battery cathode plate, it was used early in our country. And small-scale industrial production was formed in the early 1970 s. At that time, there were humic acid plants and chemical plants with peat as raw materials, battery plants with weathered coal on the surface as raw materials. And humic acid plants with underground weathered coal as raw materials. The  soluble humic acid powder produced by them is mainly used as expansion agent instead of carbon black as expansion agent. Which can be used to improve the performance of the battery. Prevent the bonding of the active material of the negative plate in the operation cycle. Improve the working capacity of the negative plate and improve the discharge property of the battery at low temperature and high density current.Read More