The difference between potassium humate and potassium fulvate.

The difference between potassium humate and potassium fulvate.The potassium humate is similar to the potassium fulvate. Belongs to the humic acid salt series. And the only potassium humate and potassium fulvate difference is that the raw material used for producing the  potassium fulvate is rich in fulvic acid. The water-soluble humic acid in the potassium humate is a high molecular structure. When it encounter metal ions such as calcium magnesium etc.  in the water. The flocculation substance is slowly generated. The precipitate is finally formed. The water for agricultural production is generally well water and river water. Most of which belong to hard water and contain a large amount of high-valence metal ions. This will inevitably affect fertilizer use and even lower the fertilizer efficiency.Read More