30% Animal source amino acid fertilizer , which is formed from animal feather by acid hydrolysis. It has the characteristics of both organic nitrogen and inorganic nitrogen. It is the main raw material of amino acid foliar fertilizer, and can also be directly used in crop flushing fertilizer, base fertilizer.

30% Animal Source Amino Acid Main Specification

Product name30% Amino Acid Powder
ServiceCustom package, OEM product
AppearanceLight yellow powder
Water solubilityCompletely
Amino acid30% min
Organic Nitrogen6.2% min
Total Nitrogen15% min

We are supplying other contents of amino acid fertilizer: 45% Animal Source,50% Plant source,70% Animal Source,80% Plant source.

Detail Introduction

Light yellow powder, good fluidity, 100% water solubility, dissolve instantly, and easy to absorb moisture. The content of the amino acid content at all levels is available , animal source 30%, 45%, plant source 30%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 70%, 80%.

30% Animal Source Amino Acid Main function

  1. Chelate the nutrient elements of soil, stimulate root system growth, make the crops stable, strong growth, fertilizer utilization is high, yield is significant.
  2. Improve the photosynthetic performance of crops, promote the transfer and transport of photosynthetic products, improve crop quality, promote their commodity performance. .
  3. Improve the microenvironment of crop root rhizosphere, inhibit the occurrence of soil-borne diseases, obvious effect of resistance to crop disease.
  4. Combined application with inorganic fertilizer can increase the synergistic effect of nutrients, and the effect of crop yield increase is very significant.
  5. Long-term application makes the soil porous and loose, reduces the degree of soil compaction, and improves the fertilizer and water retention ability of the soil.

Applicable Crops

All crops

Recommended Dosage

  1. Root irrigating with 400 times of water solution, Foliar spraying with 8000 times of water solution;
  2. Base fertilizer per 665㎡, 20-25KGS. Foliar fertilizer per 665㎡, 8-10KGS.
  3. Mixed with pesticides and has synergistic effect.
  4. Spraying effect is better before 10:00 a.m. or after 4 p.m.
  5. Respraying in the event of rain 2 hours after spraying
  6. In the growing season, the application is repeated according to the needs of agriculture and nutrition.

Packaging and storage

  1. Supply ability : 1000 MT/month
  2. 1kg, 5kgs, 10kgs printing aluminium foil bag + 10kgs, 20kgs printing carton box.
  3. 20kgs/25kg woven/paper bags with inner liner.
  4. 20kgs/25kg color printing PP/PE bags with inner liner.
  5. 1MT,1.1MT jumbo bags with discharge hole.
  6. According to customer’s requirement.


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