Potassium fulvate contains both humic acid and fulvic acid, is mainly extracted from lignite. As it possess good water solubility, strong resistance to hard water, meanly used for spray irrigation,drip irrigation.

Other trade names: potassium fulvic acid, k fulvate, Resisting hard water potassium humate, deflocculation potassium humate or non-flocculating potassium humate, super potassium f humate.

Potassium fulvate Flake, potassium fulvic acid, super potassium F humate

Potassium Fulvate Flake
Potassium fulvate powder, potassium fulvic acid, super potassium F humate

Potassium Fulvate Powder

Potassium Fulvate Main Specification

 AppearanceBlack Flake/PowderBlack Flake/Powder
 Product codeJFHA-KFA-1-F/PJFHA-KFA-2-F/P
 Water solubility100%100%
 Potassium(K₂O dry basis)12.0% min10.0% min
 Humic Acid(dry basis)60.0%min60%min
 Fulvic Acid(dry basis)30.0%min15%min
 Particle size2-4mm1-2mm / 2-4mm
 Fineness80-100 mesh80-100 mesh

Mineral fulvic acid fertilizer with 55% fulvic acid

Sulfonated potassium humate

Main Function

  1. Chelate macro and micro nutrients to make them better absorbed by plants.
  2. Prevent and control plant diseases and enhance waterlogging resistance.
  3. Stimulate the microscopic biological activity of plants.
  4. Slow-release fertilizers to improve the utilization of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
  5. Improve nutrient absorption and promote plant germination and growth.
  6. Accelerate precipitation and decomposition, improve soil structure.

Usage of Potassium Fulvate

Fertigation and Foliar
 Nitrogen50-100 grams / hectare for each unit of Nitrogen applied as UAN, Urea,SOA
 e.g.2.3-4.6 kg/ha with 100 kg/ha of Urea
  e.g.2.1-4.2 kg/ha with 100 litres of UAN
  e.g.1.0-2.1 kg/ha with 100 kg/ha of SOA
 Salt-water0.5-1 kg/ha with each and all irrigation applications
 Salt-Soil Mitigation0.5-1 kg/ha with each and all irrigation applications
 Soil Improvement0.5-1 kg/ha with each and all irrigation applications
 N.B.This product is not compatible used in concentration with solution pH under 4.
For combination with elements or chemicals solution which pH is under 4, select fulvic acid.


  1. Supply ability : 5000 MT/month
  2. 1kg, 5kgs, 10kgs printing aluminium foil bag + 10kgs, 20kgs printing carton box.
  3. 20kgs/25kg woven/paper bags with inner liner.
  4. 20kgs/25kg color printing PP/PE bags with inner liner.
  5. 1MT,1.1MT jumbo bags with discharge hole.
  6. According to customers’ requirement.


  1. 100% soluble K and fulvic acid in potassium fulvate is easy to be absorbed by plants.
  2. Superior fulvic leonardite raw materials and further extraction technology. Humic and fulvic are concentrated carbon sources which stabilise and chelate nutrients for improved plant uptake.
  3. 100% water solubility, fast soluble. Improve water use efficiency.Buffer excess salt and toxicities in water or soil.
  4. Improve plants drought resistance, cold resistance, disease resistance.
  5. Anti-drought, anti-cold, anti-disease.
  6. High content of fulvic acid with small molecular weight and short molecular chain, easy to be absorbed by plants.
  7. Stimulate beneficial biology.
  8. Foliar spraying or drip irrigation.

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