JINGFENG HUMIC ACID is one of leading China suppliers of high-quality Potassium Humate, extracted from China Leonardite.

Super potassium humate is water soluble humic acid with 70% / 65%min humic acid and 10%min K2O. Its raw material is leonardite. Have types of flakes,powder,crystal and column. Completely soluble in water. 

65% Potassium Humate Flake, potassium humate suppliers
Potassium Humate Flakes
65% Potassium Humate Crystal / granule, potassium humic acid price
Potassium Humate Crystal / Granule
65% Potassium Humate Crystal, potassium humic acid price
Potassium Humate Powder
65% Potassium Humate Column, potassium humic acid price
Potassium Humate Column

Main Specification

 AppearanceBlack Flakes / PowderBlack Crystal / Column
 Product codeJFHA-KHA-1-F/PJFHA-KHA-2-C
 Water Solubility100%90%
 Potassium(K₂O dry basis)10.0% min10.0% min
 Humic Acid(dry basis)70.0%min65.0%min
 Fulvic Acid(dry basis)2.0%min2.0%min
 Particle size1-2 mm1-2mm/2-4mm/4-6mm
 Fineness80-100 mesh/
Lower content potassium humate40% Potassium Humate
Potassium humate contains fulvic acidPotassium fulvate

See water solubility on Youtube: JINGFENG Super Potassium humate water solubility.

As the symbol of potassium is K, sometimes we call it K humate.


  1. It can improve soil physical characteristics, improve soil aggregate structure, reduce soil compactness, and achieve a good condition.
  2. Increase the cation exchange capacity and fertilizer retention capacity of the soil to absorb and exchange plant nutrients, improve the slow-acting effect of fertilizer, and increase the soil’s fertilizer and water retention capacity.
  3. Activities to provide beneficial soil microorganisms.
  4. Promote the decomposition of man-made (such as pesticides) or natural toxic substances and their effects.
  5. Increase the slow balance capacity of the soil and neutralize the pH of the soil.
  6. The black color helps to absorb heat and plant early in spring.
  7. Directly affect cell metabolism, improve crop respiration and photosynthesis, and enhance crop resistance to stress, such as drought resistance, cold resistance, disease resistance, etc..
  8. Release the nutrient elements needed by plants after decomposition.
  9. Strengthen roots and increase yield, improve crop quality and increase the sweetness of melons and fruits.

How to use super potassium humate?

  1. Use super potassium humate flakes as the humic acid raw materials to produce water soluble fertilizer contains NPK or microelement, the proposed dosage is 5-10%.
  2. Base fertilizer: Use super potassium humate granule like crystal or column for root fertilization, supply potassium element, plenty of organic matter to soil, help to improve soil condition.10-20 kgs per 666㎡. Can improve drought resistance ability, cold resistance, disease and insect resistance
  3. Water flush: 5-10kgs per time per 666㎡. Dissolve evenly into fertilizer tank to make potassium humate liquid solution. Generally apply fertilizer during seedling stage, growth period, flowering phase and fruiting period, total 4-5 times.
  4. Soaking seed, soaking root: Dissolve into water to make 1:2000 concentration potassium humate liquid solution. Soak 10-24 hours.

Package we can supply

  1. Supply ability : 7500 MT/month
  2. 1kg, 5kgs, 10kgs printing aluminium foil bag + 10kgs, 20kgs printing carton box.
  3. 20kgs/25kg woven/paper bags with inner liner.
  4. 20kgs/25kg color printing PP/PE bags with inner liner.
  5. 1MT,1.1MT jumbo bags with discharge hole.
  6. According to customers’requirement.

Super Potassium Humate

Product Advantage

  1. Increase efficiency of fertiliser such as NPK.
  2. Build soil water holding capacity.
  3. High levels of humic acid are beneficial in soil remediation including low carbon, compacted, salt affected and sandy soils.
  4. Stimulates beneficial soil biology.
  5. CERES organic certified potassium humate suppliers.

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