45% Animal source amino acid, which is fully called animal source compound amino acid powder, is formed from animal feather by acid hydrolysis. Such as duck feather, chicken feather, goose feather and so on, which can be absorbed by plants directly.

It has the characteristics of both organic nitrogen and inorganic nitrogen. It is the main raw material of amino acid foliar fertilizer, and can also be directly used in crop flushing fertilizer, base fertilizer.

45% Animal Source Amino Acid Main Specification

Product name45% Animal Source Amino Acid Powder
ServiceCustom package, OEM product
AppearanceLight yellow powder
 Water solubilityCompletely
Amino acid45% min
Free Amino acid≥40% min
Organic Nitrogen8.2% min
Total Nitrogen17% min

We are supplying other contents of amino acid: 30% Animal Source Amino Acid,50% Plant source amino acid,70% Plant Source Amino Acid,80% Plant source amino acid.

Detail Introduction

Light yellow powder, good fluidity, 100% water solubility, dissolve instantly, and easy to absorb moisture. The content of the amino acid content at all levels is available , animal source 30%, 45%, plant source 30%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 70%, 80%.

45% Animal Source Amino Acid Main function

  1. The amino acid can promote the photosynthesis of the plant. It can increase the content of chlorophyll and make the photosynthesis more vigorous.
  2. Good effects of a plurality of amino acid mixed nutrition. The fertilizer efficiency of the compound amino acid powder is higher than the single amino acid of the same amount of nitrogen, and is also higher than the inorganic nitrogen fertilizer of the equal amount of nitrogen.
  3. Fast fertilizer effects. Amino acids in amino acid fertilizers can be absorbed directly by various organs of plants, passive absorption or osmotic absorption under photosynthesis, and obvious effects can be observed in a short period of time after use. At the same time, it can promote the early maturity of crops and shorten the growth cycle.
  4. Improve crop quality. Enriched amino acids can improve the quality of crops. For example, the protein content of grain increased by 3%, cotton flower velvet quality was good, longer fiber; vegetable palatability was good, crude fiber decreased; flower flowering period was long, flower color was bright, aroma was strong, melon and fruit sugar content increased, edible part was more, storage resistance was good.
  5. Clean and pollution-free, improve the ecological environment. The fertilizer applied in the field has no residue, which can improve the physical and chemical properties of soil, improve the fertility and water conservation and air permeability, and play the role of conservation, ripening and soil improvement.
  6. The metabolic function enhanced and the ability of resistance improved. After amino acids are absorbed by crops, their physiological and biochemical functions can be strengthened. Crops can mature early, but also due to their own vitality enhancement, cold and drought resistance, resistance to dry and hot wind, resistance to diseases and insect pests and lodging resistance improved, so as to achieve stable yield and high yield.
  7. The root system developed and the absorption ability enhanced. Amino acids play a special role in promoting the root development of crops, which leads to the rapid root development, the increase of secondary roots, the increase of root quantity and the extension of roots, which leads to the great enhancement of the ability of crops to absorb water and nutrients.

Applicable Crops

All crops

Recommended Dosage

  1. Root irrigating with 500 times of water solution, Foliar spraying with 1000 times of water solution;
  2. Base fertilizer per 665㎡, 20-25KGS. Foliar fertilizer per 665㎡, 8-10KGS.
  3. Mixed with pesticides and has synergistic effect.
  4. Spraying effect is better before 10:00 a.m. or after 4 p.m.
  5. Respraying in the event of rain 2 hours after spraying
  6. In the growing season, the application is repeated according to the needs of agriculture and nutrition.

Packaging and storage

  1. Supply ability : 1000 MT/month
  2. 1kg, 5kgs, 10kgs printing aluminium foil bag + 10kgs, 20kgs printing carton box.
  3. 20kgs/25kg woven/paper bags with inner liner.
  4. 20kgs/25kg color printing PP/PE bags with inner liner.
  5. 1MT,1.1MT jumbo bags with discharge hole.
  6. According to customer’s requirement.

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