Application of Fulvic Acid used as Pesticide

The fulvic acid substances have good antibacterial, disease-preventing and disease-resistant effects. Can influence the metabolism of crops. Promote photosynthesis and the synthesis, transportation and accumulation of substances. And enhance the ability of crops to resist diseases and insect pests. Sometimes “Prevention is more important than treatment”. The characteristic of fulvic acid, in some cases, can be used directly as a pesticide. But the concept of the pesticide is not the traditional concept of the pesticide. And the fulvic acid pesticide should be vividly compared as “VACCINE” of the crops.

humic acid pesticide

Disease resistance application of fulvic acid on fruit trees

The study of the function and mechanism of fulvic acid in the treatment of Kiwifruit yellow disease shows that the fulvic acid can inhibit the growth of the bacteria.

The test of fulvic acid in the prevention and control of apple tree rot shows that the active substance in the fulvic acid can stimulate the fruit tree to change the physiological and biochemical indexes. Improve the self-nutrition control ability of the fruit tree and the adaptability to the environment. Enhance the enzyme activity (SOD) and improve the metabolism process.

So that the content of the inherent antibacterial substance phenolic acid in the fruit tree is obviously increased. The disease resistance of the fruit tree is improved. And the incidence rate of the rot is effectively controlled.

Used as a pesticide synergy.

As a pesticide that can be used in organic agriculture, the biological pesticide is more and more concerned. There are many kinds of biopesticide, mainly Bacillus thuringiensis insecticide, agricultural antibiotic insecticide, agricultural antibiotic bactericide and insect baculovirus pesticide.

When the fulvic acid is combined with the microbial pesticide (viable bacteria preparation). Because the fulvic acid is a high-molecular organic compound.  The structure is loose, not only a large amount of C and N elements are provided to the microorganism. But also the living environment of the microorganism can be improved. And the microorganism growth and propagation can be promoted.

The beneficial microorganisms in the microbial pesticide have further degradation and synthetic action on the fulvic acid components. So that the substances which are more beneficial to the absorption of the plants and the growth of the plants are formed. And the action effect of the fulvic acid is improved. The combination of fulvic acid and biopesticide has become a new way to develop new high-efficiency and environment-friendly pesticide.