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28 11月 2020

Humic and fulvic acid benefits for humans

Coal seams exposed on the surface or buried in shallow parts, contact with air, water and various minerals, undergo oxidation and hydrolysis reactions, and their chemical and physical properties have undergone extremely obvious changes. The coal in this part of the coal seams is called leonardite. Among them, the main component of leonardite (30%-70%), we call it “humus”. Humus includes three substances: humic acid (HA), fulvic acid (FA) and humin (HM). HA is soluble in alkali solution, but not soluble in water and acid, FA is soluble in alkali, soluble in water and acid; the HM is neither soluble in alkali, nor soluble in water and acids. FA is our humic and fulvic acid, which can be quickly and safely extracted and the content is about 0.3%-0.5%. And humic and fulvic acid also has obvious benefits for humans.Read More

13 11月 2020

seaweed extract benefits for plants

Seaweed extract fertilizer is the abbreviation of alginic acid-containing fertilizer. When the seaweed extract fertilizer is applied to the growth of plants, it has obvious benefits to the growth of plants. So what are the benefits of seaweed extract for plants? Today we are going to talk about this.Read More

05 11月 2020

Benefits of fulvic acid for plants

Fulvic acid is the component with the smallest molecular weight, the largest activity, the best water solubility, and the strongest anti-flocculation ability in humic acid. It is the essence of the effective ingredients of humic acid. When fulvic acid for plants, it has obvious benefits to plants.Read More

22 10月 2020

Humic fulvic acid fertilizer beneficiate NPK and trace elements.

Humic fulvic acid fertilizer contains both fulvic acid and humic acid.Total water soluble in water, is generally used for drip, spray or foliar irrigation.

Fulvic acid is the smallest and most active component of humic acid. And it is the essence of the effective ingredients of humic acid. In the practical application of agricultural production, humic fulvic acid fertilizer is the best core component of soil humus, moreover it has the best stability. It has a small molecular weight, fully water-soluble organic aromatic substance generated by the decomposition of organic matter. It is the best humic acid component in the soil , as well as the core substance that forms the soil aggregate structure.Read More

14 10月 2020

Super Potassium Humate 98% Shiny Flakes Dosage

When customers buy super potassium humate 98% shiny flakes, they always don’t know how to use and its dosage, here we make it clear.Super Potassium Humate 98% Shiny Flakes Dosage

Application method and dosage:

 A. Seed soaking: the concentration of super potassium humate 98% shiny flakes for soaking seeds is 0.05%-0.005% (effective content), soaking rice seeds for more than 48 hours, soaking wheat seeds for 8-10 hours, and soaking corn seeds for about 24 hours. The soaking temperature is kept at about 20°C.Read More

12 10月 2020

When to use humic acid foliar fertilizer?

When humic acid-containing water-soluble fertilizers are used as foliar fertilizers, they can be applied during the entire growth period of crops. It can promote root growth, improve crop resistance, increase yield, and improve quality, but the application effect will not be quick and obvious. The fertilization period should be determined based on the regional environment and the growth characteristics of the crop.Read More

21 9月 2020

The difference between total humic acid content, free humic acid content and water-soluble humic acid content.

  1. The content of total humic acid

The total humic acid content refers to the sum of free humic acid and humic acid combined with high-valent metal ions such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe3+, Al3+ (the latter is commonly referred to as “bound humic acid”). It can be dissolved in dilute caustic alkali and sodium pyrophosphate. A group of multiple condensed acidic group-containing polymer compounds of sodium phosphate solution.Read More