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Improved Application of Sodium Humate on ornamental fish and aquatic plants in aquarium

Believe that those who love ornamental fish and aquatic plants all hope to make the precious ornamental fish in the aquarium healthy and lively, and the aquatic plants are full of vitality. Then it is indispensable to create a natural water quality environment suitable for the living of fish and the growth of aquatic plants. But most of my friends suffer from problems such as the maintenance of the health of ornamental fish and aquatic plants, and the maintenance of the water quality of the aquatic tank. The next product recommended by the author of this article is sodium humate(other name: humic acid sodium salt, sodium humic acid), which can effectively improve this problem.Read More

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Why is there flocculation and precipitation while dissolve potassium fulvate into water ?

Potassium fulvate (other name: potassium fulvic acid、potassium fulvic humate ) as a new fertilizer, has been legislated as biostimulants in EU countries with seaweed extract, amino acids, etc. Different from plant growth regulators, the potassium fulvate, as the biostimulator, the function group is more complex and diversified, just like traditional Chinese medicine, which is more mild than regulators and the effect is equivalent.Read More

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The mechanism of action of humic acid products in the field of pesticides.

The effect and function of humic acid on pesticides can achieve solubilization and efficiency enhancement, degradation of pesticides and reduction of pesticide toxicity. The effect and function of these humic acids are undoubtedly of great significance to the development of ecological agriculture. (These effects have been discussed in detail in the articles “Explain in detail the effect of humic acid products on pesticides.” Click on the text link to view) In addition, the mechanism involved in the effect and function of humic acid in the field of pesticides also needs to be understood, the author will discuss this in detail in the following content:Read More

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The effects and functions of bio fulvic acid for plants.

The author of the previous article “What is the difference between potassium fulvic humate and bio fulvic acid?” popularized the difference between bio fulvic acid and potassium fulvic humate. Today, this article will explain the effect and function of bio fulvic acid for plants. Before that, I have to tell you, Bio potassium fulvate and bio fulvic acid refer to the same product.

The effect and function of bio fulvic acid are two aspects. The first is the effect of bio fulvic acid for the plant itself, and the second is the effect for the external environment of the plant.Read More

The effect test of potassium humic acid on grape

Potassium humic acid( other name: potassium humate, potassium fulvate potassium fulvic humate) is a multi-functional plant growth and drought-resistant nutrient, with the effect of water saving and drought resistance, flowers and fruit protection. On the effect test on grapes, it discusses the influence of this product on the quality and production of grapes, and provides the basis for the large use of it on grapes.Read More

Application of fulvic mineral complex in human oral cavity (part 1)

Fulvic acid is a kind of natural organic minerals containing multiple active groups, which is widely present in soil, peat and leonardite. 

In the 1950s, it began to be used in medical treatment abroad, mainly for external use, and called it fulvic minerals complex or fulvic trace minerals. It is believed that fulvic mineral complex has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. After more than 30 years of basic research and clinical practice, it is now applied to the treatment of many diseases in internal, external, and gynecology, and has achieved certain curative effects. The author will systematically explain the clinical application of fulvic mineral complex in the human oral cavity and the use of fulvic mineral complex in this article.Read More