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17 5月 2021

How to use humic acid for plants and quality standard of humic acid.

The previous article “The concept and mechanism of humic acid” popularized the concept of humic acid and its mechanism of action for everyone. Today, this article will continue to explain how to use humic acid for plants and quality standards of humic acid products.Read More

14 5月 2021

Simple and rapid identification if there is fulvic acid in potassium fulvic acid

At present, there are many products called fulvic acid containing potassium fulvic acid or potassium humate on the market. A lot of friends asked me, if there is no very good test conditions, how to know if his product really contains fulvic acid? In fact, as long as we understand the characteristics of fulvic acid, we can simply identify whether the product contains fulvic acid or not. This kind of character is known as qualitative in chemistry. Of course, quantitative will require rigorous testing to know.Read More

12 5月 2021

Pharmacological benefits of fulvic acid supplements

Fulvic acid supplements has been used in medicine for a long time. As early as 1127 AD, there are records of curing of disease with “wujinshi” in China, and there are also have mud therapy method in some places of China. After many years of research, the pharmacological benefits of fulvic acid supplement have been summed up as below,Read More

08 5月 2021

What is humic acid? And humic acid benefits.

If you are not engaged in agriculture or chemical industry, maybe you are very unfamiliar with the name of humic acid. In fact, today when the country advocates supply-side reforms, the sustainable green organic cycle of agricultural production has attracted more and more attention. Today products introduced are closely related to our agricultural production activities. Below we will explain to you what humic acid is and the five major humic acid benefits.Read More

02 4月 2021

Study On The Effect Of Potassium Fulvic Acid Fertilizer On Increasing The Fruit Setting Rate Of Apples And Pears

Spraying potassium fulvic acid (Other name: potassium fulvate, potassium humate) fertilizer 3000-5000 times during the full-bloom period, all improved the fruit setting rate of YUANSHUAI, LUAO,JINGUAN apples and pears to varying degrees. The effect diminishes as the concentration decreases.Read More