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21 Sep 2020

The difference between total humic acid content, free humic acid content and water-soluble humic acid content.

  1. The content of total humic acid

The total humic acid content refers to the sum of free humic acid and humic acid combined with high-valent metal ions such as Ca2+, Mg2+, Fe3+, Al3+ (the latter is commonly referred to as “bound humic acid”). It can be dissolved in dilute caustic alkali and sodium pyrophosphate. A group of multiple condensed acidic group-containing polymer compounds of sodium phosphate solution.Read More

30 Jul 2020

What effect does amino acid fertilizer have on the soil?

What is amino acid fertilizer?

Amino acid is the basic unit of protein, and it is a kind of biologically active macromolecule needed by living body. Life activities are closely related to it. Amino acids are the main organic nitrogen compounds in the soil, accounting for 15% to 60% of total soil nitrogen. Amino acids in soil mainly come from microorganisms, animals, plants and their metabolites.Read More

14 Jul 2020

Sodium humate function in aquatic products.

The use of sodium humate in aquatic products is not particularly widespread according to some current applications. But there are many platforms and seminars to discuss sodium humate, because there are many functions deserve to be developed and used, just the technology is not particularly mature. If we want to understand the application of a substance, we must first understand its properties, which include its physical and chemical properties. So let’s analyze it as following.Read More

17 Apr 2020

What is the difference between humic and fulvic acid?

Humic acid is divided into brown humic acid, fulvic acid, black humic acid.Humic acid is the remains of plants and animals, mainly plants, after the decomposition and transformation of microorganisms, as well as a series of geochemical and physical changes caused by the accumulation of a class of macromolecular organic weak acid mixture. Aaccording to its different solubility and color in different solvents, divided into fulvic acid, brown humic acid, black humic acid three kinds.Read More