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20 11月 2019

What’s the difference between plant source and animal source amino acid fertilizer?

There is no good or bad amino acid fertilizer

It’s very simple to explain, the main difference between plant source and animal source amino acid fertilizer is their source. The protein is divided into plant protein and animal protein, and the protein is decomposed to form the amino acid, which is the plant source amino acid and the animal source amino acid.Read More

20 11月 2019

Plant source amino acid application and instructions

The raw materials for the production of plant amino acids are soybean or soybean meal.

Plant source amino acid technical Indexes and instructionsRich in amino acids, nitrogen and organic matter, used as fertilizer directly, can be flushed, sprayed, the effect is remarkable. Fully soluble in water, suitable for drip irrigation, flushing, Foliar spraying, etc., wide range of application, can promote balanced growth of plants, balanced nutrition, improve yield, enhance quality.Read More