The current amino acid price situation in China.

The first sense of the amino acid price for most of the farmers is cheap. Indeed, it often associated with the hormone. For various reasons, the most  amino acid liquid fertilizer is produced by some amino acid leftovers. The content of the amino acid is low.  The use concentration is not enough.

If producing amino acid liquid fertilizer according to the standard of the Ministry of Agriculture. The free amino acid is ≥100g/ L , the trace elements is ≥20 g/ L or the medium amount element is ≥30g/ L. Then the use effect is barely measurable. Some enterprises can only increase the effect by adding plant growth regulators.

amino acid price

Why is foreign amino acid price higher than domestic?

Of course, the concept of advocating foreign countries is very important, but user word-of-mouth and actual effect are the foundation of the product. The effect comes from good raw materials and formulas, as well as the further research of application data.

There is no need to research almost mythologically the foreign bio stimulants, foreigners’ products are not necessarily good, and a small number of them make up it.

There are also many people who say that foreigners fool people. But the details determine success or failure. Attitude determines everything. The concept of biostimulants is changing China’s understanding of functional fertilizers.

The more details you pay attention, the higher quality product you will have, of cause the higher amino acid price you can have.

Domestic and International amino acid price

It is generally believed that proteins are composed of more than 51 amino acids.Usually call 11- 50 amino acids as polypeptides composed. Call 2-10 amino acids as oligopeptide. Call a single amino acid as free amino acid.

How to make real amino acid fertilizer?

The relative molecular weight of free amino acid is the smallest. It’s also the kind required by amino acids water-soluble fertilizer registered by Chinese Ministry of Agriculture.

In theory, it would be considered that the smaller the molecular weight, the easier it is to be absorbed. But it may not be exactly like that. More than a dozen different free amino acids will compete and antagonize each other in the process of being absorbed by plants. Just as the sixteen nutrients we know, promote each other, compete and antagonize each other.

Although the polypeptide, oligopeptide and amino acid are gradually decomposed from the protein, the oligopeptide has the unique physiological function (growth regulation, disease resistance, etc.),  which the amino acid does not possess. It is more easily absorbed by the plant, and does not consume the energy of itself.

The oligopeptide, the polypeptide are also an endogenous hormone of plant, which plays an important role in the development of the plant. The action mechanism of the polypeptide hormone is very complex. Only the oligopeptide can have thousands of different combinations.

A highly functional amino acid bio stimulant is not only the amino acid and the oligopeptide, the polypeptide. Many foreign enterprises will add some biologically active substances which can increase the function. Such as the derivatives of the amino acids, the vitamin series,the plant extracts, seaweed, etc..All of these could take full advantage of the functionality of these active substances.