Characteristics of Amino acid fertilizer

1. Amino acid powder ,can provide more comprehensive nutrition for plants. Also can be used as a foliar fertilizer, a concentrated fertilizer and a liquid fertilizer raw material.

2.The product can supplement the most effective components of 20%  nutrient components, which lost during the processing of the fish meal. It Also supplement the amino acid with incomplete nutrition of the fish meal processed by the non-whole fish. Also can supplement various essential amino acids. Especially the essential amino acid which is easy to be absent in the conventional feed raw materials and the plant feed. It has the synergistic effect on other nutritional components by utilizing the “barrel effect” principle of the balance amino acid.

amino acid powder
3.A plurality of nutrient components contained in amino acid powder are completely dissolved in water after the microorganism fermented. It is beneficial to the absorption and utilization of the aquatic animals. Could replace the fish meal to supplement the nutrition. Suitable for the feed and the rapid growth of the aquatic animal.

4.After spraying, drying by special process, the volume of this product is large.  The weight is light. It is especially suitable for the production of expanded aquatic feed, such as fish and shrimp, seawater fish opening material.

Advantages of Amino acid powder

  1. The amino acid powder is rich in cystine, tyrosine and serine. It can promote the growth of the fur and the skin of the livestock and poultry. Make the skin of the pork is ruddy and the hair color shiny. Increase the color of the hair the yellow chicken and the color of the chicken comb and foot.
    amino acid powder
  2. The flavor of the product is increased.  The appetite of the animal is promoted. The glutamic acid content of the product is high.The product has the effects of regulating the taste and promoting the appetite of the animal.  It can replace the betaine to increase the palatability of the feed in aquatic feed.
  3. The product is added to the fermented soybean pulp and the fermented feed. It is favorable for balancing the nutritional requirement of the microorganism. Promotes the growth and propagation of the microorganism. Make fermentation faster and more completely.
  4. Amino acid powder has certain binding capacity. Also has the effects of protecting the feed nutrition and enhancing the shaping of the granulated feed.amino acid powder