Methods of amino acid powder fertilizer production

Amino acid powder fertilizer production process is a bit complicated.The different production methods have a great effect on the amino acid.  The production method of the amino acid comprises chemical synthesis method, enzyme conversion method, microbial fermentation method and hydrolysis method.

Amino acid production processes.

Amino acid production technologyCharacteristic
HydrolysisAcid hydrolysisThe hydrolysis is rapid and thorough, the products are all L-type amino acids, no racemizationThe tryptophan is completely destroyed, the serine and tyrosine are partially destroyed, the active peptide content is low, and the chloride ion is high, and desalting treatment is required.
Alkaline hydrolysisThe hydrolysis is rapid and thorough.All of the amino acids containing hydroxyl or thiol groups are destroyed and produce racemization.
Enzyme hydrolysisThe reaction conditions are mild, no special equipment is required, amino acids are not destroyed, polypeptides, oligopeptides are abundant, and there is no racemization.The reaction conditions such as the type of proteolytic enzyme, temperature, and pH are demanding.
Fermentation methodDirect fermentationThe raw material cost is low, the reaction conditions are mild, and the amino acid is not easily destroyed.The requirements for fermenting strains are strict, the product concentration is low, the degree of hydrolysis is difficult to control, and the production cycle is factory.
Add precursor method

From the form, we can see the advantages and disadvantages of various amino acid production methods.  The most widely used in agriculture is acid hydrolysis, enzyme hydrolysis and fermentation. The production cost of acidizing is low.  The production process is relatively simple.

Most of them are hydrolyzed with hydrochloric acid. The content of chloride ion in the produced amino acids is high.  But dechlorination can also be carried out. Amino acids in acid hydrolysis process are easy to be destroyed.  Especially tryptophan, which is the precursor of plant auxin. But it is not so bad, and the reasonable choice and application is also very good.

Amino Acid Powder Fertilizer Enzymatic hydrolysis Production Process

Enzymatic hydrolysis and microbial fermentation have more comprehensive retention of amino acids. Higher oligopeptide content and less harmful substances. These two production methods are undoubtedly the most suitable for agricultural application.  Especially enzyme hydrolysis. Some advanced techniques can be used for directional shear according to molecular weight demand.  The required molecular weight range can be obtained. Such as the molecular weight of oligopeptide is less than 1000 Dalton.

Although there are few fertilizer enterprises using enzymatic hydrolysis of amino acids in China. It does not mean that the technical level of hydrolyzed amino acids in our country is not up to that.  But because most domestic fertilizer enterprises do not know enough about amino acids, as well as the high cost of raw materials. Therefore they are less used in agriculture. At present, most of the amino acids hydrolyzed by enzyme are used for microbial culture, health products (marine fish oligopeptide, soybean oligopeptide and other collagen peptides), aquaculture etc.

It is believed that the concept of biological stimulating hormone abroad will be introduced into China.  The development of domestic amino acid fertilizers will also be more healthy. China’s agriculture lags behind some developed countries. The innovation ability of fertilizer enterprises may not be enough, but the reference ability of Chinese enterprises and the ability to innovate in reference are definitely the best in the world.