1.Improve that egg-laying rate and the hatchability

According to statistics, the laying rate of laying hens fed with sodium humate powder 0.1%-0.2% or 0.04 – 0.06g sodium humate per day for each hen.  20-190d.  5 ≤ 25% higher than that of the reference. 470 ducks (140d) were fed with peat containing humic acid.  The laying rate was increased by sodium humate powder42.3%. In addition to increasing the laying rate, it was found that sodium humate also promoted the hatching rate of chicks.

The emergence rate of eggs in the experimental group was 21.7% higher than that in the reference group.  And the emergence rate of eggs soaked in 0.5% sodium humate solution was also increased by 17.2%. Sodium humate not only increase the laying rate by 5%. But also significantly increased the feed reward.  The feed consumption per 1kg egg was reduced by 0.55 kg.The mortality of laying hens was also reduced by 60%.

2. Improve body weight and health

After feeding humic acid agentia, the immunity of chickens and ducks was enhanced. The appetite was improved. The feathers were smooth and the weight was increased. Feed with sodium humate powder, the weight of meat chickens increased by 7%- 20% over the reference within 2- 3 months.

In addition, all chicks fed with sodium humate proved that sodium humate was beneficial to improve the health level of the body. Humic acid as microbial carbon source , replacing 50% fish meal with protein feed . The survival rate was increased by 20%. The daily weight gain was increased by 26.7%.  The feed reward was increased by nearly 1/3.

3.Sodium humate powder quality and safety

Our toxicological studies showed that injection of 2% sodium humate powder(50mg/kg) into chicken embryo allantoic vesicle did not cause adverse effects on the growth and development of embryo blastocyst. There was no distortion and toxicity in external morphology and anatomical viscera.

In addition, according to our detection, the egg white, yolk weight, protein concentration and calcium and phosphorus content of eggshell in the experimental group were significantly higher than those in the reference group.  But there was no significant difference in blood glucose.  Plasma egg white matter and blood lipid. It can be seen that humic acid additives have no effect on the quality safety of chickens and eggs.
sodium humate powder.

4. Sodium humate powder prevents and controls disease

The sodium humate has certain curative effect on the chicken plague.  The respiratory tract infection and the white diarrhea of the chicken. The white diarrhea of the chicken is a common infectious disease of the chicken caused by the salmonella. And the mortality rate is high. The veterinary expert shared the opinion that the humic acid has the functions of anti-inflammation and immunity. Also can be combined with the antibacterial medicament on the human body to reduce the morbidity and the mortality.

We used the humic acid to treat the white scour of the seedlings of Issa Rooster by using the humic acid and the oxytetracycline. The obvious effect was obtained. In addition to the increase of the rate of growth, the death rate of the white dysentery was reduced by 34 times. While the pure antibiotics were only reduced by 5.6 times. The experiment of 500 chickens was carried out with 0.2% sodium humate powder of daily grain.  Except that the average weight gain of the chicken was 11.4%, and the incidence of respiratory tract infection was reduced by 75%.

The Salmonella infection was reduced by 45%.  And the feed was also reduced by 9.6%. The similar results are obtained when using humic acid preparation in feeding of meat pigeon. The comprehensive advantages of sodium humate are as follows: the calcium humate> sodium humate> calcium humate+ sodium humate and the common feed additive of the farm.