Application and efficacy of sodium humate powder in chicken and duck cultivation.

1.Improve that egg-laying rate and the hatchability

According to statistics, the laying rate of laying hens fed with sodium humate powder 0.1%-0.2% or 0.04 – 0.06g sodium humate per day for each hen.  20-190d.  5 ≤ 25% higher than that of the reference. 470 ducks (140d) were fed with peat containing humic acid.  The laying rate was increased by sodium humate powder42.3%. In addition to increasing the laying rate, it was found that sodium humate also promoted the hatching rate of chicks.

The emergence rate of eggs in the experimental group was 21.7% higher than that in the reference group.  And the emergence rate of eggs soaked in 0.5% sodium humate solution was also increased by 17.2%. The biochemical fulvic acid made by biochemical method not only increase the laying rate by 5%. But also significantly increased the feed reward.  The feed consumption per 1kg egg was reduced by 0.55 kg.The mortality of laying hens was also reduced by 60%.Read More