Believe that those who love ornamental fish and aquatic plants all hope to make the precious ornamental fish in the aquarium healthy and lively, and the aquatic plants are full of vitality. Then it is indispensable to create a natural water

quality environment suitable for the living of fish and the growth of aquatic plants. But most of my friends suffer from problems such as the maintenance of the health of ornamental fish and aquatic plants, and the maintenance of the water quality of the aquatic tank. The next product recommended by the author of this article is sodium humate(other name: humic acid sodium salt, sodium humic acid), which can effectively improve this problem.

Due to its low toxicity, sodium humate has health care for fish and stimulates the growth of aquatic plants. Therefore, it is the natural source of the aquarium water system. Here are a few cases of improvement and application of sodium humate to aquarium ornamental fish and aquatic plants.

Improved Application of Sodium Humate on ornamental fish and aquatic plants in aquarium

Improved application of sodium humate on ornamental fish and aquatic plants in aquatic tanks

1. Sodium humate chelated iron fertilizer

Iron fertilizer is a very effective solution to prevent the ornamental plants in the aquarium from lose green. Therefore, soluble iron must be contained in aquatic plant fertilizers. Sodium humate has a strong ability to complex water-soluble iron ions, forming humic acid complexed iron that is easily absorbed by aquatic plants. In addition, it can also promote the absorption of iron by plant leaves, and allow iron to move in the plant body, increasing the chlorophyll content of aquatic plants. Therefore, the aquatic plants with sodium humate and iron fertilizer are more brilliant in red, and more emerald in green, and their ornamental value is extremely high.

2. Black water

If want to create the water quality of tropical ornamental fish, sodium humate can give full play to its effect. Sodium humate can stimulate plant growth and inhibit algae growth. It has excellent curative effect on many common diseases of fish such as saprolegniasis, enteritis, tail and gills. And it can stimulate the digestion and absorption of fish, and increase the feed intake and nutrition of fish. Therefore, the fish in the aquarium containing sodium humate grows vigorously, and show more beautiful natural color.

Improved Application of Sodium Humate on ornamental fish and aquatic plants in aquarium

3. Aquatic plants base fertilizer

The leaves of aquatic plants grown in aquariums are different colors and varieties, but usually cut aquatic plants are planted in sand beds containing nutrient base fertilizer. In order to make aquatic plants grow new roots faster to absorb nutrients, the use of sodium humate has the characteristics of stimulating rooting of plants and promoting the transportation of nutrients in the plants. Formulated with sodium humate and other nutrients into aquatic grass base fertilizer, planted in aquatic plants, new roots can be grown within three days, the absorption of nutrients is good, the branches and leaves are luxuriant and they are full of vitality.

4.Aquatic plants nutrient

In addition to roots of aquatic plants can absorb nutrients, the leaves immersed in water can also directly absorb most of the nutrients into plant cells. In order to stimulate the aquatic plants to absorb and transport nutrients for a long time in the water, a certain amount of sodium humate can be added to the formulated aquatic plant nutrient so that the aquatic plants can grow and develop normally.

Improved Application of Sodium Humate on ornamental fish and aquatic plants in aquarium

5. Water quality stabilizer

Normal tap water is irritating to fish. In order to convert tap water into safe aquarium water suitable for ornamental fish. It is necessary to remove the chlorine in tap water and heavy metals such as copper, zinc and other harmful metal ions that may be too high in content. Sodium humate can form a stable organic complex with divalent metal ions to reduce the toxicity of water and has the effect of purifying and regulating water quality. Therefore, the water quality stabilizer containing sodium humate can make ornamental fish safe, healthy and lively.

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