Potassium humate has a wide range of application as a new fertilizer. Based on its water solubility,biological activity,chemical properties, has the following applications:

1.Used as plant organic potassium fertilizer

Fertilizing: Spraying with potassium humate liquid (0.001 ≤ 0.05% concentration), soaking seeds, dipping roots or applying it in combination with other fertilizers. In such way can increase plant potassium content and potassium uptake, reduce the adverse effects of anions left in soil by chemical potassium fertilizer, and effectively improve the quality of agricultural products.

2.Used as biostimulants

Stimulate the physiological and biological processes of organisms in the soil. The quinidine and active acid in potassium humate have high oxidation potential to inhibit the activity of free root. It is very powerful for plant growth. Potassium humate acts on the cell level, which is beneficial to accelerate photosynthesis.Potassium humate application

3. Used as plant drought resistance and water retaining agent

Potassium humate can loose soil, promote the absorption of water by plant roots, and stabilize the soil moisture and water evaporation rate. While free humic acid can promote the shrinkage of plant leaf stoma and reduce the loss of water.

4. Used as soil environmental protection improver

Fix many inorganic and organic compounds to form insoluble or low-soluble mixtures to prevent the loss of inorganic or organic matter from soil and plants into surface water. As a result, potassium humate weakens the toxicity of pesticide residues and the pollution of heavy metals and other harmful substances to the soil.

5. Used as a preservative for petroleum drilling

Potassium humate is added to petroleum drilling fluid (generally 3 -5%). It can reduce the hydration and decomposition of shale in drilling and prevent the collapse of shaft wall, meanwhile. It has the functions of dilution, calcium resistance. High temperature resistant 180-200OC ,and suspended barite, and can be used in drilling fluid of deep well and geothermal well.

Currently, the most popular potassium humate application is still for agriculture,to improve the carbon source of soil.