The purification and protection effect of humic acid on environment.

The environmental purification effect of humic acid includes three aspects,

1. Humic acid application in Bioremediation

Through the humus process, in which plant residues and organic wastes form humic acid through microbial action. Heavy metals and toxic chemicals are adsorped, fixed or decomposed to play a role in purifying the ecological environment.

Studies show that high temperature composting of agricultural waste can remove 50~100% pesticides, 20~90% polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), and significantly reduce the toxicity of heavy metals.This bioremediation process not only removes some environmental toxins. But also turns waste into treasure. Becoming an important supplementary source of soil humic acid.

2.Effect of humic acid on environment improvement.

The humic acid existing in the soil itself has a natural purification ability for various toxic substances. But the ecological destruction in recent decades has led to the reduction of soil HA and the reduction of natural purification ability.

Artificial supplementation of coal humic acid and biological fermentation humic acid can significantly reduce the content of heavy metals, petroleum and its products, PAHs, residual pesticides and other environmental poisons in the soil. Which has been confirmed by a large number of domestic and foreign studies.

3.Humic acid application in Plant protection and food safety

Humic acid application in environmental protection.

The research shows that the humic acid application in agricultural products can not only reduce the pests and diseases, increase the yield. But also significantly improve the quality. Increase nutrients including protein, amino acid, vitamin, sugar and other nutrients. Reduce heavy metal, pesticide residues, nitrite and other content. Humic acid ecological environment purification effect, can spread to the entire food chain.

To sum up, humic acid, while very unobtrusive, has been quietly contributing to the carbon balance of the earth and the human environment. Our responsibilities,

Humic acid application in environmental protection.

1) Actively protect forests, grasslands, and arable land — essentially, to protect the ha-based carbon sink from undeserved disasters and abuses.

2) We will vigorously develop green and low-carbon humic acid industries. Which is fully in line with President hu jintao’s commitments at the world climate change summit last year to increase carbon sinks. Conserve energy and reduce emissions. Develop a circular economy and low-carbon economy. And develop and promote climate-friendly technologies.

Over the past 30 years, China’s humic acid industry has made great progress and become a component of China’s low-carbon industry. Dozens of HA products and technologies, including HA compound fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, growth promoter, soil and water quality improver, have been widely used, making a certain contribution to China’s ecological construction. Recently, China humic acid industry association has issued the “green and low-carbon declaration” on behalf of China’s humic acid industry. Determined to adapt to the trend of global low-carbon economy development and push HA industry to a new stage of development.