Advantages and disadvantages of Sodium humate used for briquette coal binder

The briquette containing sodium humate coal binder has the advantages of low cost, no pollution, high strength, high activity, no increase of ash content of the coal ball. The study of this area has been initiated in our country since 1974.

At present, the foreign-coal technology tends to be clean, high-efficient combustion, large-scale forming scale and diversified application. The output of pulverized coal in China has increased year by year.

With the increasing of the domestic coal mining technology and the degree of mechanization. In which the pulverized coal with a particle size of less than 13 mm accounts for 70% of the coal production.  And its particle size less than 6 mm is up to 45%.
Sodium humate as briquette binder

However, the development level of briquette technology in China can not adapt to the situation of increasing pulverized coal production year by year.  And has not yet formed a situation of large-scale production and comprehensive promotion.

In order to reduce environmental pollution, avoid energy waste and alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of lump coal, the development of pulverized coal molding technology is an effective way.

However, sodium humate coal binder not only has many advantages, but also has the characteristics of poor waterproof performance. Sodium humate as composite adhesive, supplemented with a certain water repellent. Which can be made into multi-ratio, multifunctional binder.

In a word, sodium humate bonded coal ball can not only greatly reduce the production cost. But also make full use of pulverized coal resources. Compared with carbonized coal ball, it not only reduces the cost, but also improves the calorific value of coal. 

The equipment investment is less. The occupation area is small.  There is no need for drying. No steam is needed. And the operation is simple. The coal rod can be burned alone or mixed with lump coal. And the initial gasification process can not be greatly adjusted.  Which has strong practicability and certain popularization value.