The raw materials for the production of plant amino acids are soybean or soybean meal.

Plant source amino acid technical Indexes and instructionsRich in amino acids, nitrogen and organic matter, used as fertilizer directly, can be flushed, sprayed, the effect is remarkable. Fully soluble in water, suitable for drip irrigation, flushing, Foliar spraying, etc., wide range of application, can promote balanced growth of plants, balanced nutrition, improve yield, enhance quality.

At the same time, the product is widely used in aquaculture and feed additive industry because of its rich content of many elements, easy to be absorbed by organisms, and after spray drying, the physical and chemical properties of large volume and light weight , widely used in aquaculture and feed additive industry.

Fertilizer application of plant amino acidamino acid fertilizer

a) Plant amino acid fertilizer function

  1. The plant amino acid will chelate soil nutrients, stimulate root growth, make crops stable, strong, high fertilizer utilization and significant yield.
  2. Improve the photosynthetic performance of crops, promote the transfer and transport of photosynthetic products, improve crop quality, promote their commodity performance.
  3. The microenvironment of crop rhizosphere was improved, the occurrence of soil-borne diseases was restrained, and the effect of resistance to crop was obvious.
  4. Combined application with inorganic fertilizer can increase the synergistic effect of nutrients, and the effect of crop yield increase is very significant.
  5. Long-term application, make the soil porous and loose, reduce the hardening degree of the soil,improve the soil conservation and the water retention capacity of the soil.
  6. This series of products is the ecological organic fertilizer that must be used in organic food base, green food base and pollution-free food base.

b) Range of application

Widely used in fruit trees, vegetables, garden flowers, Chinese medicinal materials and greenhouse crops. Especially suitable for pollution-free, green product production.

c) Dosage and application

  1. Recommended dosage: base fertilizer, flushing 20-40kg/665㎡, spraying 1-3kg /㎡.
  2. Mixed with pesticides , mutual effect.
  3. Spraying effect is better before 10:00 a.m or after 4 p.m.
  4. Re-spray in case of rain within 2 hours after spraying.
  5. Repeated application according to agricultural and nutritional needs during the growing season.

d) Packaging and storage

  1. 20kg/bag,10kg/bag.
  2. Keep airtight and in a dry and ventilated place.

The main effect of plant amino acid used as feed additiveanimal feed amino acid

  1. Increase fragrance and fresh, promote animal appetite. This product has rich sauce flavor and fragrant effect on feed. The glutamic acid content of this product is nearly 5%. It has the effect of adjusting feed taste and promoting animal appetite.
  2. Rapid replenishment of animal nutrition and enhancement of feed utilization rate .The plant amino acid has the characteristics of free amino acid hydrolysis, no digestion loss and fast animal absorption, and can enhance the absorption and utilization of other nutrient substances due to the complex effect of various amino acids, and can enhance the utilization rate of trace elements of the feed.
  3. Promote the growth of animal fur. This product is keratin hydrolysate, rich in cystine, tyrosine, serine and other amino acids conducive to the growth of animal fur. After eating, animals have ruddy skin and bright hair.
  4. It has certain adhesion ability and can enhance the setting of granule feed.

The main effects of plant amino acid in aquatic productsaquaculture amino acid

a) Main function

  1. The effect of super energy of water fertilizer, especially low temperature, cloudy rain and no sunshine weather, is obviously better than that of other products.
  2. Plant amino acid is very suitable for the culture of pankter and beneficial algae, and are more helpful for black aquatic young animals to provide stage palatable active food and promote rapid production and development.
  3. Less dosage, no environmental pollution, no hardening of the bottom of the tank,whole water-soluble, improved culture environment, environmental protection and high efficiency.
  4. Improve disease resistance,insect pests resistance immunity, reduce mortality, promote rapid growth and development, improve yield and quality.

b) Dosage

Spilt the whole tank after being dissolved with water, and 0.5-0.8kg of the product is used for each 665㎡ of 1-meter deep pond.

c) Note:

The plant amino acid absorbs moisture and agglomerate, which is a normal phenomenon and should be stored in a cool and dry place.