1. Application method of humic acid fertilizer such as Ammonium humate and nitro humic acid

1) Base fertilizer. Applying by spreading, hole,ditch.  Applied to the soil with the plowing. The quantity depending on the crop and the soil.
2) Seed fertilizer.  Applied when seeds are sown. The soil is best to be mixed in 1-3 times when the fertilizer is applied . So as to avoid the high concentration of the local fertilizer caused by the uneven application the fertilizer.  Thereby affecting the germination of the seeds and the growth of Method for applying solid humic acidthe young roots.

3) Topdressing.  At a distance of 10 cm from the root of the crop. Dig a hole or ditch and apply it. Then cover the soil. Combined with watering. It is better to apply topdressing early rather than late. In addition, this kind of humic acid fertilizer should be applied in combination with farm fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, potassium fertilizer etc. In order to balance nutrients and give full play to its effect of increasing yield.

2. Application method of potassium humate

1) Seed soaking.

The concentration of soaking seeds with potassium humate (water soluble humic acid fertilizer) was 0.05% -0.005% (effective content).  Soaking rice seeds for more than 48 hours. Soaking wheat seeds for 8 hours for 10 hours. Soaking corn seeds for about 24 hours. It is best to keep the seed soaking temperature at about 20 ℃.

2) Soaking root, dipping root, soaking strip.

Rice, sweet potato, vegetable and other transplanting crops or fruit trees can be dipped in root or strip.  Or liquid Potassium humate fertilizer mixed soil in to paste which can be dipped into root whenMethod for applying solid humic acid transplanting. The concentration of root dipping was 0.01% -0.05%. Soaking time is generally 10 – 24 hours.  The time can be shortened when the temperature is high.

3) Foliage topdressing.

Rice, wheat and other crops were sprayed with potassium humate aqueous solution for 2-3 times when raise flowers to the time of the grouting. Could promote grain filling and make the grain full. The foliage topdressing was carried out in the early stage of grain filling. Such as wheat, rice and so on. 50 kg liquid potassium humate fertilizer was used per 665㎡. the concentration was 0.01% -0.05%.