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22 Oct 2020

Humic fulvic acid fertilizer beneficiate NPK and trace elements.

Humic fulvic acid fertilizer contains both fulvic acid and humic acid.Total water soluble in water, is generally used for drip, spray or foliar irrigation.

Fulvic acid is the smallest and most active component of humic acid. And it is the essence of the effective ingredients of humic acid. In the practical application of agricultural production, humic fulvic acid fertilizer is the best core component of soil humus, moreover it has the best stability. It has a small molecular weight, fully water-soluble organic aromatic substance generated by the decomposition of organic matter. It is the best humic acid component in the soil , as well as the core substance that forms the soil aggregate structure.Read More

30 Dec 2019

How to use water soluble humic and fulvic acid fertilizer?

Water soluble humic and fulvic acid fertilizer uses for plants

Soil irrigation

humic and fulvic acid fertilizer uses

When watering(Suggest customer to buy potassium humate ) or irrigating the soil(suggest customer to buy potassium fulvate). Mix it in the irrigated water. So that the roots of the plant can be fully exposed to fertilizer. And the chemical nutrients can be transported to the tissues of the plant through the respiratory crops of the root.Read More

30 Dec 2019

Development prospect of China humic acid organic fertilizer

The application of humic acid substance in agricultural production is the initial of the comprehensive utilization of humic acid in China. In order to alleviate the difficulty of the shortage of the total amount of fertilizer at that time. The mass movement of the development of humic acid organic fertilizer was carried out in the late 1970s and early 1980s.Read More

24 Dec 2019

Effects of Humic Acid Organic Fertilizer.

Why is it necessary to use the humic acid organic fertilzier urgently?

On May 25, 2014, focus interview revealed the topic of “Land fed by Chemical Fertilizer”.  Which attracted the attention of the general public. The total amount of fertilizer applied in China is already close to 1/3 of the total amount of fertilizer used in the world. Since farmers tasted the sweetness of increasing production by using chemical fertilizer,  they have been out of control. 20 or 30 years of continuous use of chemical fertilizer has made the land more and more “greedy” and the more “feed” and “thinner” it is. The growth value of production fell to the lowest point. The land began to harden.Read More

24 Dec 2019

Advantages of humic acid organic fertilizer.

Advantages of humic acid organic fertilizer.Raw materials of humic organic fertilizer – humic acid, is a natural organic degradation product, contains not only carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and other main elements, but also carbohydrates, amino acids, organic acids, phenols, alkaloids, vitamins, cellulose, hormones, enzymes and their derivatives, intermediates and aromatic substances, as well as a large number of beneficial microbial flora, and the addition of appropriate amounts of phosphorus, potassium and other trace nutrients.Read More

23 Dec 2019

Great potential of humic acid fertilizer

Great potential of humic acid fertilizer.China is the largest fertilizer market in the world. With the increasing amount of chemical fertilizer in farmland in China, the supply of chemical fertilizer is still relatively tight.  And the cultivated land with chemical fertilizer is easy to be consolidated year after year. Which affects the growth of crops. In the face of the serious destruction of soil structure and the decline of soil fertility in China. It is a very effective method to strengthen the application of humic acid in agricultural fertilizer.Read More

20 Nov 2019

Application method of humic acid fertilizer: ammonium humate,nitro humic acid,potassium humate

1. Application method of humic acid fertilizer such as Ammonium humate and nitro humic acid

1) Base fertilizer. Applying by spreading, hole,ditch.  Applied to the soil with the plowing. The quantity depending on the crop and the soil.
2) Seed fertilizer.  Applied when seeds are sown. The soil is best to be mixed in 1-3 times when the fertilizer is applied . So as to avoid the high concentration of the local fertilizer caused by the uneven application the fertilizer.  Thereby affecting the germination of the seeds and the growth of Method for applying solid humic acidthe young roots.

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20 Nov 2019

Humic acid benefits – the best new type of fertilizer

Humic acid is a natural macromolecular organic polymer. Which is mainly divided into fulvic acid, brown humic acid, black humic acid and so on. It has become a green motive material for the sustainable development of the national economy because of its physical and chemical properties and biological activities.Such as chelation, adsorption, infiltration, bonding, exchange, dilution, slow release, stability, surface activity and so on.So what’s the humic acid benefits in soil?

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19 Nov 2019

What’s the benefits of leonardite humic acid fertilizer for agriculture?

leonardite humic acid fertilizer Leonardite humic acid can be used as fertilizer directly. It contains a variety of active functional genes.  Which can enhance the activity of catalase and polyphenol oxidase in crops, stimulate physiological metabolism and promote growth and development. For example,  humic acid can promote early germination of seeds and high emergence rate especially at low temperature.Read More

19 Nov 2019

The main factors affecting fertilizer efficiency and the way.

The main factors affecting fertilizer efficiency and the way.The main factors affecting fertilizer efficiency and the ways to improve Fertilizer Utilization efficiency
The utilization rate of chemical fertilizer is affected by many factors, such as fertilizer application rate, fertilizer type, soil characteristics, crop varieties etc. The utilization rate of nitrogen and phosphorus is very low in some areas. Measures should be taken to improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer in field production. Only by making good use of fertilizer, we can reduce costs and increase benefits.

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