The application of humic acid water soluble fertilizer can enhance the water retention ability of soil. Reduce soil capacity and improve soil porosity. Moreover can increase the contents of degraded nitrogen, available Phosphorus nd organic matter in the soil.

Improve the availability of soil nitrogen during plant growth. The content of available phosphorus in soil is higher than that of the reference. And the high content of available potassium can still be maintained at the later stage of plant growth. It can be seen that the humic acid has a significant effect on soil, fertilizer and crops.

1、Effect of humic acid water soluble Fertilizer on Cucumber

This is a new type of fertilizer widely used in agricultural production. In order to explore the suitable concentration sprayed on cucumber, we carried out the experiment of spraying different concentration on cucumber during the growth period.

Through the analysis of cucumber yield and benefit. Cucumber obviously increase the yield and quality after spraying 400- 2000 times liquid , and the yield increased by 2.0% -8.9%. Spraying 1200 times of liquid and spraying 400 times of liquid reached a significant level. Among which 1200 times foliar spraying had the highest yield. And the yield of spraying water soluble fertilizer containing humic acid was 8.9% higher than that of spraying clean water.

 2、The effect on tomatoes.

Contrasting by using different fertilizers, spraying, sprinkler irrigation, humic acid water-soluble fertilizer increase yield 8.2%.  And the content of soil organic matter was obviously increased. At the same time, significantly improved the quality of tomato.

Foliar spraying can significantly improve the agronomic characteristics of tomatoes, and significantly increase the yield and quality of tomatoes.

Among them, the yield of tomato treated with 800 times dilution foliar spray is the highest, which can increase the yield by 15.1 tons/ha compared with the clear water control, which is an increase of 15.7%. ;

The content of Vc, soluble protein and soluble sugar in the fruit is the highest, increasing by 41.9%, 33% and 50% respectively. And the minimum organic acid content is 3.0mg/g. The sugar-acid ratio of tomato is increased to an appropriate level of 13.21, which is the recommended application concentration.