Super potassium humate(other name: potassium humic acid, K humate) is a multifunctional drought-resistant nutritional growth regulator, which has obvious drought-resistant and yield-increasing effects on food crops and economic crops.

JINGFENG HUMIC ACID has observed the effect of the promotion and application of super potassium humate in Gansu Province from 2019 to 2020. Collected and measured a lot of data, it is found that the application of super potassium humate on wheat has greatly improved the effect of drought resistance and yield increase. The author of this article will share the details, effects, data and other content of this observation work with you.

Observation area and dosage

Observation areas are located in 34652 acres of wheat planting area in 16 townships (towns), 27 villages, 410 science and technology households in Zamu, Huangyang Irrigation District in Wuwei City, Gulang, Dajing, Gufeng Irrigation District in Gulang County, and General Gan Irrigation District in Minqin County. In order to ensure the quality of observations, 38 observation points have been set up in the application area of super potassium humate, with an observation area of 56.2 mu.

In the promotion area, 2.34 acres of wheat were foliar spray and seed dressing with super potassium humate. The dosage of seed dressing per mu is 70 grams of super potassium humate and 3 kilograms of water; The amount of foliar spraying per mu is 70 grams per mu and 50 kilograms of water. Spraying is usually carried out once at the booting stage and the filling stage.

Observation on the Application Effect of Potassium Humate on Wheat.

Summary of the application effect of super potassium humate on wheat in the observation area

Through the observation and analysis of the physiological characteristics of wheat germination, seedling emergence, tillering, jointing, heading, blooming, filling, milk maturity and other vegetative growth and reproductive growth phases, super potassium humate can promote wheat resistance, drought resistance, and increase production.

1. It can increase the rate of seed emergence and promote the development of crop roots.

The germination rate and the emergence rate of wheat after seed dressing with super potassium humate are 6.5% and 8.4% higher than those of undressed wheat. The radicle occurs 2-3 days earlier,seedling emerges two days in advance,root system is strong and the length increases by 3.1%-15.3%,the number of secondary roots increased by 3.3%-27%.

Thus, guaranteed acres, Improve the overall advantage of the crop, enhance the ability to resist diseases, It has laid a solid foundation for ensuring the growth quality and production quantity of crops.

Observation on the Application Effect of Potassium Humate on Wheat.

2. Increase the area of stems and leaves and strengthen photosynthesis

After applying super potassium humate, the average plant height of wheat was 9.5% higher than that of unapplied wheat. The stem circumference of the first section increased by 5.4%-8.3% compared with the unapplied wheat, and the leaf area per plant increased by 10.5% on average.

Because the leaf area increases, the effective area of photosynthesis of crops is increased, thereby enhancing photosynthesis. Strong stalks are beneficial to crop lodging resistance and dry matter accumulation in ears and grains.It has created conditions for increasing the thousand-grain weight and increasing the yield.

Space limitation,the rest is a summary of the effect of super potassium humic acid on drought resistance and stress resistance of wheat in this observation.The observation benefits and conclusions will not be discussed in this article. Next Monday, the remaining content will be shared with everybody through “Experiment on the application effect of potassium humic acid on wheat (part 2)”