Fulvic acid mineral supplement contains humic fulvic acid and many trace elements, as a kind of agent to boost Nutrients, Immunity & Focus.

Nature provides all the nutrients for mankind, allowing us to live a healthy and active life. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to fully enjoy all the gifts of the earth, because humans have made food extremely fragile. The soil was destroyed and the animals that ate also used steroids to artificially stimulate growth.

Many years ago, doctors knew that humans need at least 90 nutrients to stay healthy. These nutrients include at least 70 minerals, 18 amino acids and three essential fatty acids. Therefore, we need extra substances to help the body get the nutrients it needs.

fulvic acid mineral supplement
Fulvic acid molecular formula

If you are currently using ion or colloid-labeled mineral supplements, it is necessary to understand the role of fulvic acid mineral supplements. Scientists have discovered that fulvic acid contained in fulvic acid mineral supplements is an element that helps nutrient absorption and has a positive impact on human diseases and health problems.

Fulvic acid contains more than 70 important minerals. When minerals come into contact with fulvic acid, using water as a medium allows them to naturally dissolve into ionic form. These minerals naturally form part of fulvic acid and become organic and biologically active. Therefore, when minerals are transformed into organisms through natural chemical processes involving fulvic acid and photosynthesis, they are safe for humans and animals.

The role of fulvic acid mineral supplement

Fulvic acid has the ability to detoxify and can remove toxic substances such as herbicides and pesticides from the human body, because it can interact with many radioactive elements. Therefore, fulvic acid can be used as a protective agent to reduce the damage of toxins to the human body.

Fulvic acid can activate digestive enzymes. When we eat, our body runs a series of complex activities designed to digest the food we ingest. Then digest these foods and convert them into energy. Without the participation of digestive enzymes, food is difficult to handle and will rot in the stomach and eventually lead to death.

Fulvic acid has the effect of reducing free radical oxidation, because fulvic acid is a very powerful antioxidant. As we all know, harmful free radicals can spread throughout the body, causing tissue damage and genetic changes.

Fulvic acid can effectively suppress and eliminate various toxic substances including heavy metals and pollutants. In addition, it is also responsible for bringing essential nutrients into the cells. It has been proven that fulvic acid can reduce natural toxins and chelating agents to a harmless state.

Fulvic acid also relieves oxygen deficiency and increases cell activity.

Fulvic acid has been proven to be the most powerful organic electrolyte in nature. All cells have electrical energy. When the electrical energy of cells decreases, they will feel weak and disease may occur at any time.

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