Sodium humic acid is a kind of humic acid sodium salt, so we can also call it sodium humate. Product suggested: 40% Sodium humate, 50%-65% Sodium humate, 70% Sodium humate

1.Sodium humic acid improve animal immunity

Sodium humate feed is used in veterinary drug carrier, the cost is low, the comprehensive disease prevention, the cure effect is remarkable.Sodium humate is used as veterinary drug carrier is used in cattle and sheep feed (3-6 kg / ton feed), make animals exhilarated, the growth is accelerated, the fat body is strong.

Sodium humate is also used in chickens, duck,geese,pig, rabbit and other livestock and poultry breeding (adding 2-5 kg / ton feed) can greatly improve feed utilization and animal immunity, and has a special effect on gastrointestinal and digestive tract diseases such as white dysentery and indigestion. Medium and long term use of this product can obviously reduce the odor of feces and improve the content of nutrients such as organic matter in feces.

sodium humic acid

2.Sodium humic acid feed improve water quality of aquaculture use

The sodium humate is used for aquaculture (adding 2-5 kilograms per cubic meter), heavy metal ions and harmful elements in the water can be rapidly complex, heavy metal ions, nitrite nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen and sulfide content in the culture water body can be reduced, stress reaction is relieved, The water source is fully purified, and the nutrients in the supplementary water is increased, so that the normal growth of the animals and the aquatic plants is ensured.

sodium humic acid

3.Reducing the harmful substances in the chemical fertilizer such as nitrite, improving the utilization rate of the feed

Sodium humate can relieve animal “ammonium” poisoning by adding urea and ammonium salt feed to increase protein source. Humate can quickly form ammonium and evaporate toxic substances. Also accelerate the conversion rate of non-protein nitrogen into amino acids and protein nitrogen. Greatly improve feed utilization rate and increase economic benefit. It can make the oil in feed not easy to oxidize, reduce the bad smell, promote the rapid absorption and diffusion of feed in animal digestive organs, increase the activity of digestive enzyme and reduce the incidence of disease.

4.Bactericidal and disinfection effect

The sodium humate feed is refined by physical, chemical and biological fermentation. It is essential different to the extraction of humic acid from conventional weathered coal. Through many years of multi-point verification of agriculture, medicine, animal husbandry and the like. The product has obvious effect on the fungus and bacteria. At present, it has been widely used in the aspects of plant sterilization, animal disinfection and anti-inflammation, etc.