As one of the Chinese best humic acid fertilizer suppliers, we have been developed for more than 15 years in agriculture. We will show you what we saw in China, and share our field trial.

  • In recent years, people have recognized the disadvantages of the inorganic agriculture.The new idea of agricultural development is widely concerned by the world. For example, the United States proposed organic agriculture. European proposed long-term advanced Biological agriculture. Asia proposed three-dimensional agriculture, ecological agriculture, and so on.

The aim is to find a path for the development of a non-pollution, natural and safe agriculture. The humic acid, as a kind of natural macromolecular organic matter, provides a new thought for new agricultural development.

The best humic acid fertilizer suppliers - the best organic fertilizer

When we buy fertilizers, you won’t be told which one is better among chemical fertilizer, farm manure and humic acid fertilizer by fertilizer suppliers.

1. Application of chemical fertilizer,pesticides

Although the application of chemical fertilizer can increase grain yield, but there is also a decrease in organic matter. For example, the content of soil organic matter in Guanzhong area of Shaanxi Province decreased from 1% – 2% in 1950s to 2000, less than 0.8% in 2000. Resulting in poor physical, chemical and biochemical properties of soil.

The best humic acid fertilizer suppliers - the best organic fertilizer

Soil fertility reduced. Crops are fragile.  And they are prone to diseases and insect pests. Farmers use pesticides. But toxic elements in pesticides remain in fruits and stems. Thus it is harmful to health after being ate by people and animals. For example, some pesticides contain mercury. Which can cause mercury in grain to exceed the standard.

When people eat food containing mercury.  Mercury accumulates in the human body and can not be discharged. Reaching a certain amount, which will damage the brain cells and nervous system of the human body.

So from the point of view of our health, from our children and grandchildren, from our environmental protection, to fundamentally solve the problem, we must start with the development and promotion of pollution-free fertilizers.

2.Application of farm manure

China’s agricultural farm fertilizer mainly includes: human urine, various pigs, cattle, sheep, chicken manure, compost, manure, green manure and miscellaneous fertilizer. These fertilizer organic matter ,after the mass decay, a part of the mineralized organic element is mineralized into an inorganic element. And a part of the inorganic element is decomposed and converted by a microorganism and synthesized into humic acid. But because of the small quantity, the fertilizer efficiency is slow. And it can’t meet the demands of the development of the modern agriculture.

The best humic acid fertilizer suppliers - the best organic fertilizer

Is there a feasible way to develop green and pollution-free agriculture? As organic fertilizer suppliers, humic acid fertilizer suppliers, the answer is yes and it is feasible.

Application of natural humic acid fertilizer – Data from humic acid fertilizer suppliers.

1. Advantage of humic acid fertilizerSodium humate work as an water purifying agent in aquaculture.

-Humic acid is a kind of organic colloid. Which can make the hardened soil into the soil with organic structure. That is, the soil with aggregate structure. This kind of soil is loose and porous. Which can make the soil water, fertilizer, air and heat coordinate. The root system of the plant can grow and develop well in this coordinated environment. The root become good. The above ground part is naturally better.

  • -Humic acid organic fertilizer can reduce the harmful salt content of soil surface.
  • -Humic acid is the source of energy and nutrients of soil microorganisms. And increases the number of soil microorganisms.
  • -The humic acid fertilizer contains a wide range of nutrients. Not only inorganic nutrients, but also rich in organic nutrients. It also can promote the release of soil effective components and improve the nutrient utilization rate.
  • -Humic acid fertilizer can improve crop quality, cold resistance, cold prevention,drought resistance, disease resistance and disease prevention.

2. Application example:

The application of humic acid fertilizer in grain crops, cotton, fruit trees, melon and fruit, vegetables, trees, flowers and other crops can resist drought, cold, disease, increase yield, improve quality and so on. For example,

1)Application on wheat

-Application of fulvic acid 2 times during the wheat grouting period, smooth stems and smooth leaves of the wheat, normal flag leaf growth. No bacterial leaf blight, no scab, and 1000-grain weight, 45.58 g.  The reference : the flag leaf was dry. The leaf blight. The scab was severe. The 1000-grain weight was 36.1 g. The 1000-grain weight of the sprayed fulvic acid fertilizer is increased by 26% than that of the reference. And the farmers generally reflect the wheat flour of being sprayed the fulvic acid fertilizer fragrant and has more surface energy. The yield of corn is increased by 20%. And the yield of rice is increased by 30%.

2) Application on cotton:

Spraying humic acid fertilizer four times. The plant growth is strong. Do not drop flowers. Do not drop boll. Cotton bolls are not only more, but also large.  Producing 301 jin per mu. Which is more than 100 jin per mu better than in neighboring areas.

3) The application of humic acid fertilizer on the fruit tree

The effect of the experiment on the apple tree. The weight gain of a single fruit is 6-66.7%more. Improving the quality: the sugar content is increased by 1.8-10.9%, the Vc content is increased by 15-15.2%, the hardness is increased by 4.5-15.3%, and the acidity is reduced by 11-19%. The taste is obviously better than that of the fruit tree of the application of the inorganic fertilizer.

 4)-The application of the humic acid fertilizer to the watermelon

In 2000, the watermelon experiment was carried out in Shaanxi.  And the humic acid fertilizer and the inorganic fertilizer were used for comparison. The effect of humic acid fertilizer is the best. The melon is big, long and symmetrical. After eating, the hand is sticky, and the content of sugar is high. At the same time, on the cucumber, the cucumber grows more and symmetrical.

5)-Application on vegetables

Pepper planting: spraying humic acid fertilizer, thick green leaves, thickened leaves, more fruit setting, large fetal fruit, no drop flower and fruit, pepper length, meat thickness, good color, 100 -150kg per mu yield, 40% increase. There are cabbage, celery, Toona sinensis, onion, garlic, eggplant, bean horn, tomato, sweet potato and so on, not only the yield can increase by 30%- 50%, but also taste fragrant, and prevent the pests and diseases during the growth process.

6)-Application to trees and flowers

We do experiments on chrysanthemum, Dilian, iron tree and other flowers, green leaves, bright flowers. If some flowers and plants appear dry leaves, the color is light and powerless, the humic acid fertilizer can be used to correct them.

In general, grain crops can increase yield by more than 20%, fruits by 30%-50%, melons by more than 45%, leafy vegetables by more than 50%, root tubers by more than 30%, and other economic crops by more than 20%.

3. The unique properties of natural humic acid fertilizer

  • -It has the characteristics of quick effect similar with inorganic fertilizer. In general, effect can be seen after 3-7 days. Overcome the disadvantage of inorganic fertilizer: for example, long-term application of inorganic fertilizer makes soil consolidation, fertilizer utilization rate is low, and easy to lose, and also pollutes the environment.
  • -Humic acid fertilizer has the advantages of farm manure,improve the soil, do not make the soil harden. Avoid the disadvantage of farm fertilizer: smelly, great, labor-intensive, slow effect.