At present, the quality of vegetables is not satisfactory. Pesticide residues exceed the standard. Nitrate accumulation is serious. Heavy metal pollution, pathogenic microorganism pollution occurs from time to time. Which has become a serious obstacle to the development of green pollution-free vegetable production. The application of potassium humate 98 in vegetable production can play a positive role in solving the above problems.

Application of potassium humate 98 in vegetable production

1. Improve that utilization rate of the fertilizer.

Vegetables use fertilizer is not like crops. The amount of fertilizer required is more than that of common field crops. But excessive application not only reduces the fertilizer efficiency. But also destroys the soil structure and pollutes the environment.

Excessive application of nitrogen fertilizer has caused excessive nitrate nitrogen in vegetables and serious pollution of groundwater and soil in many areas. The low utilization rate of fertilizer, the decrease of fertilizer efficiency, the habit of heavy nitrogen and light potassium, heavy inorganic fertilizer and light organic fertilizer have become the major obstacles to the production of pollution-free vegetables.

The application of potassium humate 98 in vegetable production.

Humic acid fertilizer not only has the effect of quick effect and yield increase of general chemical fertilizer. But also has the function of activating soil and slow release fertilizer of organic fertilizer. And it is of great significance to solve the contradiction between developing agriculture and protecting environment and promoting ecological virtuous circle.

Humic acid can also improve the activity of trace elements in soil. Some trace elements, such as boron, calcium, zinc, manganese, copper and so on, are mostly applied to the soil in the form of inorganic salt. Which is easy to be transformed into insoluble salt. And its utilization rate is reduced or even completely invalid.

Humic acid can chelate with metal ions and make it become water-soluble humic acid chelating trace elements. Thus improving the absorption and transport of trace elements by plants.

2. Increasing quantity of potassium humate 98, will reduce the application amount of the pesticide, accordingly reduce the pesticide residue in the vegetable products:

The application of potassium humate 98 in vegetable production.(1)Humic acid has a good inhibitory effect on some plant germs. The application of humic acid has remarkable effect on the control of Fusarium wilt, Verticillium wilt, downy mildew, root rot and so on.

Moreover, humic acid is non-toxic and has no side effects. Which is beyond the reach of many pesticides. And also helps to improve the stress resistance and disease resistance of vegetables.

(2)The effect of potassium humate 98 on the sustained-release and efficiency of the pesticide can reduce the usage amount of the pesticide. The humic acid can not only be used as a pesticide. But also can be mixed with the pesticide. And the humic acid can be combined with the organic and inorganic phosphorus pesticide to greatly reduce the decomposition rate of the organic phosphorus.

Due to the fact that the humic acid molecules contain more hydrophilic groups and are mixed with the pesticide. The humic acid molecules can effectively play the good dispersing and emulsifying action of the humic acid molecules. There by contributing to the improvement of the pesticide activity.

In addition, the humic acid has a large internal standard area, has strong adsorption effect on the organic inorganic matters. And is mixed with the pesticide to form a complex with high stability. So that the pesticide has a sustained-release effect.

The composite of potassium humate 98 and the pesticide composite can reduce the dosage of the pesticide by one-third or half the dosage, and the effect of the pesticide prolong for 3-7 days. And the toxicity of the humic acid and the pesticide is greatly reduced. Which is of great significance for reducing the environmental pollution and developing the pollution-free vegetable production.The above is the  application of humic acid in vegetable production.