Fulvic acid benefits are very obvious in agriculture, which has been transformed for many years, is a kind of fertilizer with high quality, concentrated shrinkage, good water solubility, no hormone, no toxicity, high efficiency and high activity, which is a kind of organic green product with convenient use.

1.Activating nutrients to prolong Fertilizer efficiency

medical fulvic acid powderBioactive enzymes in fulvic acid can activate all kinds of soil nutrients, activate phosphorus, potassium, boron, Mo, zinc and other elements fixed in soil into available nutrients for plant use, increase available phosphorus, potassium 10 – 50%, trace elements 100%, increase fertilizer utilization rate by more than 20%, reduce fertilizer input and prolong fertilizer efficiency for more than 20 days.

2. Elimination of consolidation and loose soil

The continuous use of the fulvic acid can radically eliminate the soil hardening and loose soil, and the soil water, the fertilizer, the air and the heat can be coordinated,

The air permeability, the fertilizer retention and the water retention effect of the soil are increased, and the drought resistance, the cold resistance and the waterlogging resistance of the plant are improved.

3. Increase root and strong seedling quality and increase yield

Fulvic acid can make plants more root, take root quickly, the whole seedlings, streng seedlings, improve disease resistance. And have good control effect on Fusarium wilt, root rot, bacterial wilt, downy mildew, rotten seedling and so on. Especially for gray mold, powdery mildew and rust.

The crop yield was increased by 20%, or even upto more than 50%. The grain particles were full, the fruits were fresh, sweet and delicious, the vegetables were fresh and tender, the fruits matured early, the harvest time was prolonged, the harvest time was increased and the picked fruits were increased. Vegetables and flowers were sprayed withfulvic acid fertilizer, could prolong the preservation period of the products.

Fulvic acid benefits in agriculture.4. Synergistic effect of mixed use of Pesticides and Fertilizer and reduction of the dosage of pesticides

Fulvic acid mixed with pesticide can increase fertilizer effect, so it can reduce pesticide dosage and pesticide residue. If mixed with bactericidal agent to control apple rot, the residue of pesticides entering pulp was reduced by more than 50% compared with pure pesticide treatment.

5. Simple application, green environmental protection

Less dosage, strong activity, no pollution, and is an ideal fertilizer for producing green products.

6. Application crops

Fruits, fruit trees, vegetables, large field crops, Chinese medicinal materials and other crops.

The above is the fulvic acid benefits in agriculture.