1. Summary

Bio fulvic acid is brown powder. Easy to be soluble in water, acid and alkaline solution. The 1% aqueous solution is PH 5-7. And the number average molecular weight is generally about 1000. Bio fulvic acid has strong physiological and chemical activities ,and it is widely used.

2.Main technical indicators.

Agricultural grade products (bio fulvic acid-1): FA ≥ 70%;

AppearanceBrown Powder
Product codeJFHA-BFA-P
Water solubility100%
Fulvic Acids(Dry basis)70.0%min
Potassium(K2O dry basis)12.0% min

3.Application scope and effect.

(1)Bio fulvic acid is an excellent plant growth promoter. Soaking seeds, mixing seeds, dipping roots and spraying with 0.0001 – 0.005% FA solution can enhance crop stress resistance, improve crop quality and increase yield. General crops can increase production by 10% to 25%.

(2)As a metal ion complexing agent. Bio fulvic acid molecules have strong complexation (chelating) ability, which can be effectively used in the preparation of trace element liquid fertilizers, as well as in the adsorption and trapping of precious metals.

4.Process flow

The technological process , raw material and the main equipment are as follows: the raw materials→ are crushed→, extracted→, separated → purified (resin adsorption, etc.) → dried →Bio fulvic acid.