1. Humic acid for agriculture on plants growth and development

Humic acid for agriculture use,contains a variety of functional groups. Generally we use strong alkalies to activate humic acid to become effective biological active substances. The activated humic acid have benefit to stimulate the growth and physiological metabolism of crops.  This feature is generally what other fertilizer does not have.

As efficient biological active substances, using activated humic acid with certain concentration to seed soaking, root soaking, root dipping, spraying, watering,or used as base fertilizer, etc. Which has obvious effect of stimulation on variety of crops. Comprehensively, it promotes the development of root system and has a good influence on crop yield and quality factors.
humic acid for agriculture use

  • (1)Early germination, high emergence rate. fertilizing humic acid can accelerate seed germination and improve the emergence rate. Especially in early spring and low temperature (generally 1 ~ 3 days earlier germination), the emergence rate increased by 10 ~ 30%).
  • (2)Root system developed. Strong absorption. On crop root system it has a special role in promoting development. Many agricultural researchers said humic acid as the “root” fertilizer. Mainly displays in the influence of root system. Stimulate the root tip meristematic tissue cell division and growth.The seedling take root quickly. Secondary root increased. Root amount increased. Root elongation. Eventually lead to crops’ ability to absorb water and nutrients increases greatly.
  • (3)Benefits of humic acid for agriculture on the growth of vegetative parts above ground. On the basis of adequate nutrient supply, humic acid can stimulate the growth of vegetative parts of plants to flourish. Like Plant height, stem thickness, dry matter accumulation, etc.
  • (4)Effects on yield and composition factors. Humic acid has different effects on yield and composition factors of different crops. For grain crops, large panicle, thousand kernel weightetc. It plays a role in increasing yield, early tiller, reduce the rate of empty chaff has a good effect.

2. Humic acid for agriculture benefits on crop physiological metabolism and enzyme activity

humic acid for agriculture use
After humic acid enters the plant body, it stimulates the respiratory intensity. Increased photosynthesis and  activity of various enzymes . Thus lead to early coloring and ripening of fruits,  high yield and value (marketability of economic crops).

3. Improve crop drought resistance

Using humic acid for agriculture producing, like wheat,corn. Humic substance can reduce stomatal opening, leaf transpiration and water consumption. Improve the moisture status of plants and increase the moisture content of leaves.

Thus, it laid a foundation for ear splitting and seed bearing. The application of humic acid can also improve the content of chlorophyll and the normal progress of photosynthesis. Which is very important for the accumulation of substances and the increase of thousand kernel weight.

4. Enhance the cold resistance of crops

The application of humic acid had obvious effects on seedling cultivation in early spring in south China and cold resistance of wheat in north China. Local early rice seedling, often encountered low temperature rainy weather, often occur dead seedlings, rotten seedlings phenomenon.  After the application of humic acid, ground temperature has been improved, thus seedling quality generally improved.

During the experiment, it was found that winter wheat in most areas was generally damaged  due to the frequent occurrence of “spring chill”. Humic acid effectively improves the cold resistance ability of wheat and reduces the frost damage.

5. Control plant diseases and pests and enhance immunity

humic acid for agriculture use
Humic acid can effectively control underground diseases and pests, plant diseases and pathogens. A large number of research and experiments prove that humic acid has obvious control and bactericidal effect on fruit tree rot, lobules, yellow leaf disease, cucumber downy mildew, etc.. Humic acid for agriculture was applied to cucumber planting,no pesticides were used,but there were no large pests  from beginning to end.