Humic Acid and fulvic acid

humic acid functional groups

Humic Acid and fulvic acid development in China

The functional groups (mainly carboxyl groups and phenolic hydroxyl groups) in humic acid can give active hydrogen ions. So humic acid shows weak acidity and chemical reactivity.  With strong ion exchange ability and complex (chelation) cooperation.

The quinone group, carboxyl group and phenolic hydroxyl group of humic acid make it bioactive. The “five functions” of humic acid in agriculture (soil improvement, fertilizer enhancement, growth stimulation, stress resistance and quality improvement) have been guiding the application and progress of humic acid in agriculture.

Humic Acid and fulvic acid functions

For fertilizers, humic acid can be composite materials (large and small molecules). Can be functional materials (nitrogen, active phosphorus, potassium promotion). Can be stress resistant materials (such as plant drought resistance, cold resistance, waterlogging resistance, disease and insect resistance). Can be collateral (chelation) materials, can be special materials,  etc.

Fulvic Acid

fulvic acid functional groups

Fulvic Acid development

Fulvic acid is a humic acid product with wide application range and high economic benefits.

So far, it still has a large market and competitive advantages in plant growth agents, antigens, fluid fertilizers, medical preparations, cosmetics and other aspects. Fulvic acid in agriculture “four agent function” is a classic. Drought resistance agent, growth regulator, pesticide sustained-release synergies and chemical element complexing agent.

As a drought resistance agent is unique. Humic acid and fulvic acid related to the development of new materials has great potential because of its green, environmental protection, organic characteristics.

Fulvic acid is a water-soluble part . As its molecular is small(average molecular weight is 1032. Some 200 ~ 300. More acidic groups. Dissolved well. A wide range of uses. The two common extraction methods of fulvic acid in China are ion exchange resin method and sulfuric acid – acetone method.

Fulvic Acid functions

For fertilizers, fulvic acid can be refined materials (such as small molecules, high activity, high content). Can be a stress resistant material (such as plants drought resistance, cold resistance, waterlogging resistance. Disease and insect resistance.  Can be a collateral-chelating material. Can be a special material, etc.

Functions and development of humic acid and fulvic acid.
Guide the development of water-soluble humic acid fertilizer with scientific attitude. At present, many new technologies have been applied in humic acid extraction and preparation processes. Such as ultrasonic, light radiation and microwave extraction technologies. Which have improved the technological level of water-soluble humic acid and its products, increased the technical content and added value of products.

We must be guided by the thought of positive integration, with the method of overall planning, coordination and integration, to produce the water-soluble humic acid and water-soluble humic acid fertilizer more better.