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2. How to use fulvic trace minerals complex

(4) Oral agents

2% concentration of Fulvic trace mineral complex is used to improve human immunity for mumps, head and facial bacterial infections, oral sores and herpetic stomatitis.

(5) Pharmaceutical composition

Medical researchers mixed 2mg of Fulvic trace mineral complex with 40mg periodontal plug agent powder to make it into fulvic acid type, and found that the ability to stop bleeding, eliminate swelling and resist infection was enhanced, which needs to be further observed.

(6) Hemstatic powder

Can be used for dental extraction and head and facial bruises

Application of fulvic mineral complex (Fulvic trace minerals) in human oral cavity (part 2)

3. Notes

(1)When preparing various dosage forms, we must use distilled water or soft water to prevent the flocculation and precipitation caused by high calcium and magnesium in water.

(2)The PH of preparation shall be appropriate, internal preparation PH 8-8.5, and external preparation PH 8.5-11

(3)Strict disinfection: if necessary, the preservative sodium benzoic acid is prepared once a week.


1. Fulvic trace mineral complex has bacteriostasis, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, ulcer, promote trauma healing, hemostasis, sleep, improve human immunity and regulate endocrine. So it can be used in the treatment of many dental diseases.

Clinical observation that it has an obvious therapeutic effect on recurrent oral ulcer, herpetic stomatology, periodontal disease and hemostasis after oral surgery. so it shows that this product have potential to use as drugs in the treatment of oral diseases. Oral agents used in oral diseases are mostly auxiliary treatment methods. It is reported to have obvious effects on head and facial infection, mumps and other diseases.

2. Fulvic trace mineral complex as a treatment medicine in the treatment of common diseases in the mouth, such as oral ulcer, periodontal disease, has achieved gratifying results. But for non-common diseases, the clinical observation cases are less, its final effect needs to be further observation.

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