Fulvic acid is a kind of natural organic minerals containing multiple active groups, which is widely present in soil, peat and leonardite. 

In the 1950s, it began to be used in medical treatment abroad, mainly for external use, and called it fulvic minerals complex or fulvic trace minerals. It is believed that fulvic mineral complex has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. After more than 30 years of basic research and clinical practice, it is now applied to the treatment of many diseases in internal, external, and gynecology, and has achieved certain curative effects. The author will systematically explain the clinical application of fulvic mineral complex in the human oral cavity and the use of fulvic mineral complex in this article.

The clinical application of fulvic mineral complex in human oral cavity

  1. Adapt to the disease

(1) Periodontal disease and periodontal surgery;

(2) Oral mucosal diseases, such as oral ulcers, dry mouth syndrome, herpetic stomatitis;

(3) Treatment of apical fistula;

(4) Replantation of hemostatic and traumatic dislocated teeth after tooth extraction;

(5) As a component of periodontal tamponade;

(6) Other oral diseases, such as mumps, head and face infections, etc.

The clinical application of fulvic mineral complex in human oral cavity

  1. How to use fulvic minerals complex

(1) Gargle

Fulvic minerals complex has a concentration of 0.5-4% as a gargle, and it is mostly used before various oral operations. It is also used for adjuvant treatment of marginal gingivitis, oral ulcers and periodontal disease.

(2) Rinsing agent

The concentration of fulvic minerals complex irrigant is generally higher than that of gargle. It is mostly used for apical fistula irrigation, pericoronal and periodontal irrigation and debridement and irrigation for various oral minor operations. It has astringent, hemostatic and anti-infection effects.

(3) Cautery agent

Fulvic mineral complex is used as a cauterizing agent and is often formulated into a viscous form. It is often used for:

①Scattered oral ulcers: burn the ulcer surface for 1 minute;

②Hemostasis of tooth extraction wounds and other bleeding parts of the oral cavity;

③Root surface and bone surface treatment agent in periodontal surgery.

Due to space limitations, the remaining information(fulvic trace minerals application) about the use of fulvic mineral complex , and the summary part of this article will be published in tomorrow’s article:“The application of fulvic minerals complex in the human oral cavity and the method of use of fulvic minerals complex (Part 2)” Share with you.

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