Humic acid - good chelating effectAs the fusion of the macro elements fertilizer, the humic acid can be used for fusing the N, P, K.  Such as the humic acid nitrogen fertilizer, the humic acid phosphate fertilizer, the humic acid potassium fertilizer and the humic acid compound fertilizer. The humic acid is mixed with N, P, K, has the characteristics of flexible and diversified functions, prominent function, remarkable efficiency and high utilization rate.  And can achieve the integration effect of 1 + 1> 2.

Organic combination of humic acid and nitrogen fertilizer

The humic acid nitrogen fertilizer with the combination of quick-acting and sustained-release is formed.  The loss of the nitrogen fertilizer and the ammonia pollution caused by the nitrogen fertilizer are reduced. The utilization rate of the humic acid is increased by 10%. And the yield of the crops can be increased by more than 15%.

Combination of humic acid and phosphate fertilizer

It can reduce the fixation of phosphorus and improve the utilization rate of phosphorus. At the same time, humic acid entering the soil can activate the fixed phosphorus in the soil and increase the phosphorus supply level of the soil. The combined phosphorus supply  6.7 – 8.3 mg/kg can increase the crop yield by more than 10%.

Organic combination of Humic Acid and potassium Fertilizer

And the humic acid and the potassium ion (K +) are combined with the humic acid and the potassium ion (K +).  And the humic acid and the potassium ion (NH4 +) are more solid. The water solubility of the potassium humate is good.  And the absorption of the plant is not limited.  And only the fertilizer effect is more durable. The research shows that the humic acid can increase the potassium content of crops by more than 30% and increase the yield by more than 12%.