Humic acid - good chelating effectAs the fusion of the macro elements fertilizer, the humic acid could be used to chelate the N, P, K fertilizer.  Such as the humic acid nitrogen fertilizer, the humic acid phosphate fertilizer, the humic acid potassium fertilizer and the humic acid compound fertilizer.

Humic acid mixed with N, P, K, has the characteristics of flexible and diversified functions, prominent function, remarkable efficiency and high utilization rate.  And can achieve the integration effect of 1 + 1> 2.

Organic combination of humic acid chelate nitrogen fertilizer

The humic acid nitrogen fertilizer with the combination of quick-acting and sustained-release is formed.  The loss of the nitrogen fertilizer and the ammonia pollution caused by the nitrogen fertilizer are reduced. The utilization rate of the humic acid is increased by 10%. And the yield of the crops can be increased by more than 15%.

Combination of humic acid chelate phosphate fertilizer

  1. The different application methods of humic acid and phosphate fertilizer significantly affect the characteristics of soil phosphorus leaching. Applying humic acid first and then phosphate fertilizer significantly increases the risk of phosphorus leaching, while applying phosphate fertilizer first and then humic acid significantly reduces phosphorus leaching risk.
  2. Applying potassium humate after phosphate fertilizer application or at the same time as phosphate fertilizer hardly changes the distribution characteristics of available phosphorus and total phosphorus content in the soil profile, but applying potassium humate after phosphate fertilizer application can significantly increase the available soil availability in the 0-5 cm soil layer Phosphorus content.


WANG Min, LIU Shi-lei, ZHANG Shuai, et al. Effect of potassium humate and phosphate fertilizer application method on soil phosphate mobility. Journal of Agricultural Resources and Environment, 2020, 37(2): 209-215. DOI: 10.13254/j.jare.2019.0028

Organic combination of potassium humate

Sodium humate work as an water purifying agent in aquaculture.

Potassium humate is combined by humic acid and the potassium ion (K +).  This chemical compound is very solid structure. Its water solubility is 100%.

Applying it to corn can improve the disease resistance, drought resistance and lodging resistance of corn, and increase the seed setting rate and thousand-grain weight.

Applying to tomatoes can increase tomato yield, increase tomato vitamin C content, sugar content and red pigment content. Moreover, the potassium content in plants varies with plant types and plant organs. Humic acid chelate potassium fertilizer can not only promote the absorption and utilization of potassium by plants, but also construct a reasonable potassium distribution structure and increase the potassium content of agricultural products.