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Summary of the application effect of super potassium humate flakes on wheat in the observation area.

3. Encourage crops to “open source” and ” throttling “, and improve drought resistance

The root system of crops is strong and well-developed, Improve root vitality, enhance root absorption capacity of water and nutrients, Played an “open source” role; After spraying the super potassium humate flakes on crop leaves, the stomata on the leaves are reduced or closed, the transpiration is reduced, and the water consumption is reduced, which has played a “throttling” effect.

Super potassium humate promotes crops to “open up” and throttling. The moisture content of crop leaves is increased, plant water potential increased significantly, the dry tip of the leaves is obviously reduced, which makes the crops healthy and vigorous. In early and mid-May 2020, Wuwei City suffered another “stuck neck” drought.

After 25 days of irrigation of wheat without super potassium humate, the leaves showed yellow-green, the dry tip rate of the leaves is more than 70%, the base leaves are yellow and withered, and the remaining leaves are curled; The wheat leaves that have been applied with super potassium humate flakes are thick and large, the leaves are stretched, the leaf color is dark green, and the dry tip rate is only 16%, the application of super potassium humate greatly improves the drought resistance of crops.

Observation on the Application Effect of Super Potassium Humate on Wheat

4. Enhance the stress resistance of crops
  • (1) Lodging resistance: The lodging rate of wheat after applying super potassium humate flakes is only 1.4‰, most of the plants are inclined at 45 degrees; the lodging rate of wheat without application of wheat is 8.8‰, most of the plants are lying flat.
  • (2) Resistance to pests and diseases: The incidence rate of wheat root disease (seedling extraction) that has been applied with super potassium humate is 0.98%, the harm of midge and aphids is negligible, the incidence of wheat root disease without application is as high as 8.2%, aphids, especially the midge damage is quite serious, which caused a serious reduction in wheat production last year.
  • (3) Cold resistance: The wheat with super potassium humate, after the cold spring, a small number of seedlings turn red and will be restored to life in a few days; Most seedlings without application of wheat are red and wilted, it took at least ten days to gradually return to life.

The economic benefits and final conclusions of the application and promotion of super potassium humate in the observation area on wheat.

According to the analysis and calculation of indoor test and actual yield method, the yield of wheat that has been applied with super potassium humate per 665㎡ increases by 26.92Kg, an average water saving of 34.9m³ per 665㎡, and an average net income increase of 26.13 yuan per 665㎡, which brings significant economic benefits.

This observation concludes that super potassium humate flakes has the advantages of low cost, convenient application, quick effect, wide application range, and non-toxic side effects, Its effects of saving water, resisting drought, increasing yield, enhancing crop resistance and preventing diseases and insect pests are quite remarkable. It has a wide range of application and promotion prospects in the arid and semi-arid areas of Northwest China.

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