As a key demonstration and promotion project of the agricultural science and technology in China, the humic acid fertilizer benefits the plant in many aspects, and the effect is obvious. Specifically speaking, what is the role of humic acid in plants? The author will discuss the benefits of humic acid fertilizer for plants in the following aspects:

The benefits of humic acid fertilizers for plants

1. Promote the root germination and growth

Promote the root germination and growth

Humic acid promotes the germination and growth of plant roots, is most impressive. But some people may say that the roots are good, may can’t cause high yield. That also makes sense. Under the ideal cultivation conditions, it may eventually all grow generally together. However, we can consciously take advantage of the root advantage to overcome some adverse factors.The benefits of humic acid fertilizers for plants

For example, in 1971, in winter wheat tests conducted in Yanqing County which locate at the alpine cold area of Beijing, no dead seedlings were found, while 140,000 seedlings per mu applied considerable chemical fertilizer. Similarly, in the cold spring of 1976, many places in Hunan Province, early rice rotten seedlings, causing great losses, but with humic acid fertilizer seedlings did not rot.

Another example is in the aspect of grafting afforestation: Luoyang Institute of Forestry Science, Henan Province, with sodium humate solution to process poplar grafting, the survival rate enhance from 69% to 91%, because the number of root cells increased a lot, casue the number of roots germination increased , the vitality of saplings is strong. Some old fruit trees, after applying humic acid fertilizer, if you dig out the root test, you can see the germination of many new roots.

2. Increase the chlorophyll content of the leaves.

humic acid fertilizer benefits

After application of humic acid fertilizer, we could see that the green color become deep, the leaf green content is higher, its photosynthesis are bond to be more strong. photosynthesis is performed in leaves. the leaves first benefit. Therefore, it can be envisaged that the effect of humic acid for the purpose of using their leaves is expected to show their skills. For example, tea, mulberry, smoke and all kinds of vegetables should be good objects for application. And in fact, they have indeed received good results.

3. Inspire plants to accumulate more soluble sugar

For fruits and vegetables, improving sugar means improving quality. For sugar crops such as sugar beet, sugar cane, it also means increasing production. In recent years, the domestic application of humic acid fertilizer experience has proved that this judgment is quite credible, in the peach, pear, jujube, apple, tomato and other production practices, repeated trial and effect very good; but in sugar beet, sugar cane, the results are relatively few.

4. Improve the drought and flood resistance of plants

The benefits of humic acid fertilizers for plants

Because humic acid has such functions: It can reduce the transpiration of plants, so it is resistant to wilting. It has a redox system and promotes the respiratory function of plants, making it more able to resist the difficulty of being submerged and lacking oxygen in the roots.

In addition, because humic acid is a multifunctional hydrophilic colloid, it has an impact on the permeability of plant cell membranes, can regulate the absorption of nutrients by plants, and sometimes even reduce the damage of pesticides and other toxic substances to plants. All in all, the more adverse conditions, the more obvious the beneficial effects of humic acid, which is really good news for agriculture with frequent natural disasters!

5. It has an inhibitory effect on certain plant viruses

 humic acid fertilizer benefits

In a sense, humic acid is also a pesticide. For example, in the Aladi Brigade, Jilin, rice rot was very serious in the past. Since the use of humic acid fertilizers, the disease has basically disappeared. The use of humic acid in Tangshan area to treat yellow leaf disease and dry rot of fruit trees is very effective.

Spraying sodium humate in Beijing area reduced the downy mildew of cucumber and cured the virus disease of bell pepper. Henan reported that the sweet potatoes applied with humic acid fertilizers rarely have black spots. Shanxi used a mixture of sodium humate and washing powder to form a medicament. it is particularly effective in killing aphids.

Some of these effects can be explained. For example, humic acid can be regarded as a kind of macromolecular hydroxy acid. Some people believe that macromolecular hydroxy acid has antiviral effect, However, most of the observed facts are still difficult to explain, and further research is needed. In any case, humic acid is not toxic, which is an advantage that many other pesticides cannot match.

Through the systematic explanation of this article, do you now understand the benefits of humic acid fertilizer for plants? According to this article, humic acid has various functions, has many advantages and disadvantages, and has a rich source. It has a promising future in practice. I believe that it will become the dominant fertilizer in the direction of agricultural development in the future.

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