As small molecule organic matter which has similar structure with humic acid, fulvic acid benefits for plants is similar with humic acid fertilizer. At present, the most popular fulvic acid fertilizers in the market are plant source fulvic acid, mineral fulvic acid and potassium fulvate.

1. Fulvic acid fertilizer benefits for plants – Disease resistant function

Fulvic acid fertilizer supplying high active organic matter. The organic matter content of the soil is high, the beneficial microorganism is provided with an excellent environment. The beneficial bacteria group is gradually developed to inhibit the growth of the harmful bacteria for the dominant flora.

The plant itself is strong in growth and strong in disease resistance due to the excellent soil conditions.So that the disease is greatly reduced, especially the occurrence of soil-borne diseases.

Fulvic acid benefits for plants - Disease resistant function

2. Fulvic acid fertilizer benefits for plants – Soil improvement

The fulvic acid fertilizer or potassium fulvate or the organic colloid could form a colloidal substance in the soil. The soil particles can be consolidated by colloidal substance, the water-stable aggregate in the soil is increased.The water, the fertilizer, the air and the heat condition of the soil are coordinated.  So as to improve the ecological environment of the crops.

In the modified saline-alkali soil, fulvic acid fertilizer has the advantages of more active genes and large salt-base exchange capacity. Can adsorb and retain a large number of harmful cations in the soluble salt of the soil. Reduce the salt concentration of the soil and reduce the pH of the saline soil. So as to improve the ecological environment of the crops.

3. Fulvic acid fertilizer benefits for plants – Enhance the stress resistance of crops.

The soil, water, nutrients, temperature, light, air and other factors of the crop growth environment constitute the plant growth conditions. Fulvic acid fertilizer plays a buffering role as following:

  • (1) Reduces the adverse effects of crop growth.
  • (2) Promote stress resistance.
  • (3) Improve the drought resistance of crops.
  • (4) Water-saving capacity can be increased by 30%.

The effect of water saving and soil moisture conservation is second only to that of plastic film mulching. To enhance the cold resistance of crops,  foliar spraying of fulvic acid fertilizer can improve the resistance of overwintering, meanwhile has a significant effect on the control of diseases and insects.

4. Promote fertilizer efficiency

Since the fulvic acid fertilizer can adsorb and exchange many mineral elements in the activated soil, such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, etc. The effectiveness of these elements is greatly increased. So that the nutrition condition of the crops is improved. It can play the role of a synergist, and reduce the adverse effect of the chemical fertilizer on the physical and chemical properties of the soil.

Fulvic Acid Benefits For Plants - Promote fertilizer efficiency

The effect of the synergistic effect on the nitrogen fertilizer is as follows:

  • -The volatilization loss of the nitrogen is reduced.  The synergistic effect on the urea is very significant. And the fertilizer efficiency of the urea can be prolonged.
  • -Promoting the absorption of nitrogen and improving the utilization rate of the nitrogen fertilizer.
  • -And the organic nitrogen mineralization speed in the soil is accelerated.  And the content of quick-acting nitrogen in the soil is improved.

The effect of the synergistic effect on the phosphate fertilizer is as follows:

  • -The fixation of the soil to the quick-acting phosphorus is reduced.  And the phosphorus removal effect is achieved.
  • -The insoluble phosphorus in the soil is converted into the effective phosphorus.  And the absorption of the crops on the phosphorus is promoted.
  • -The effective utilization rate of the phosphate fertilizer is improved. The conversion of organic and inorganic phosphorus in the soil is promoted,
  • -The moving distance of the phosphorus in the soil is increased. and the root development of the crops is stimulated.

The effect of the synergistic effect on the potassium fertilizer is as follows:

  • -The absorption and fixation of the potassium in the soil can be reduced.  And the utilization rate of the quick-acting potassium is improved.
  • -The release of the insoluble potassium can be promoted.  The amount of the quick-acting potassium can be increased.
  • -Also the adverse effect of the potassium fertilizer on the soil and the crops can be relieved. And good effect on improving the quality of the crops is achieved.

5. Stimulation of crop growth

Fulvic acid fertilizer contains a variety of functional groups. As physiological active substances, stimulate the growth and development of crops and physiological metabolism in vivo.  But inorganic fertilizers do not have this characteristic.

Both minineral fulvic acid and potassium fulvate are 100% water-soluble fertilizer. Crops is not only stimulated by seed dressing and root dipping and spraying, root absorption, but also promote seed germination, improve emergence rate and seedling rate.Fulvic Acid Benefits For Plants - Stimulation of crop growth

It can promote the root development of crops. Promote the root development of seedlings, Increase the number of secondary roots, Increase the amount of roots, Promote the ability of crops to absorb water and nutrients.

The stimulation effect of fulvic acid fertilizer on the above ground part of the crop showed exuberant growth, plant height, strong rod and so on, especially in the early stage.

Potassium fulvate absorbs through plant roots and stimulates the physiological metabolism of plant cells, which is manifested in the increase of respiratory intensity and photosynthesis intensity. Spraying potassium fulvate on the leaf surface of crops led to the reduction of stomatal opening, the decrease of water transpiration and the increase of enzyme activity.

Fulvic acid fertilizer can activate the soil, promote the physiological metabolism of all kinds of melon, fruit, vegetables and field crops, promote the development of roots and luxuriant stems and leaves.

Also can also be applied by flushing, topdressing, flushing or topdressing about 20 -30 kg per 665㎡. Can save all kinds of fertilizers, make melon and fruit vegetables and various field crops mature about ten days ahead of time, and increase yield by more than 20%.