In the previous article What is humic acid? And humic acid benefits., the concept of humic acid and its five major benefits in agricultural production were introduced in detail. In addition, it is used in animal husbandry, Industry and other fields have a series of significant roles.

Believe that many friends who are engaged in agricultural production after reading our introduction, will want to buy humic acid to try if it has such obvious effects, but please pay attention to the variety of humic acid products on the market, how to choose high-quality products and where to buy How to use it when you buy it has become a new problem. Today, Jingfeng humic acid will explain to you how to choose high-quality humic acid fertilizer, how to buy it, and how to use it. These three questions:

  1、 How to select humic acid

Humic acid has so many benefits, are you eager to use some to your farmland? However, the current fertilizer market is chaotic, and many unscrupulous manufacturers use unextracted lignite and leonardite as humic acid. , Even add some dyes, toners, etc., making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between true and false. So, how can we choose high-quality humic acid fertilizer?

(1) Looking at the appearance and color, most of the active humic acid fertilizers are gray-black or dark-brown;

(2) Look at the color of the aqueous solution. After a good humic acid fertilizer is dissolved in water, the color of the aqueous solution is brown or dark brown;

(3) Look at the color change after absorbing moisture, take two mouthfuls of moisture or hold it in the palm of your sweaty hand. The hygroscopic active humic acid fertilizer particles will become particularly black and shiny.

How to use humic acid

  2、 How to buy humic acid

To purchase humic acid fertilizer, you must first choose well-known companies and famous brands, and pay attention to checking the implementation standards and instructions on the packaging. Speaking of this, the editor has to recommend its own products, Jingfeng Humic Acid, a high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research and development, production and sales of humic acid. The company is committed to humic acid series products development and selling, We have achieved remarkable results on development and application of the agriculture humic acid series , the application of industrial humic acid in ceramic storage batteries, the application of humic acid in feed farming, and application of medical grade humic acid. At present, we have obtained the registration certification of the EU CERES Group NOP standard organic fertilizer. Having said so much, don’t you hurry up to buy it?

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  3、How to use humic acid

We have introduced that humic acid has significant effects in the fields of industry, animal husbandry and agriculture. Let’s take agriculture as an example to introduce the use of humic acid:

1. Application time of humic acid fertilizer

(1) After transplanting, before flowering, swelling period, and color changing period, the application effect is good;

(2) Apply before the arrival of dry season, rainy season and cold wave to enhance crop resistance;

(3) The crops that are growing weak and in urgent need of recovery can be used.

How to use humic acid

2. Application method of humic acid fertilizer

(1) The combination of flushing and spraying has obvious effects;

(2) With the use of inorganic fertilizers and bacterial fertilizers, it can increase fertility and increase efficiency;

(3) A small amount of multiple times, fully diluted

(4) Although humic acid is good, it should not be too greedy. Only by applying it according to the conditions of the crop and soil can the obvious effect be seen.

The above is all related to the selection method of humic acid, the way of purchasing humic acid, and the method of using humic acid shared in this article. If you have any questions, please consult the email address:

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